How to Know if a Home Remodel Permit is Required

How to Know if a Home Remodel Permit is Required. Remodeling is a great way to add value to a home. But it's also a quick way to get into trouble, especially if you didn't first obtain the necessary permits. Permit requirements are determined by the government where you would receive the permit, usually a city or county agency. And while each requirement may be different, there are usually similarities so you'll have an idea of when you need a home remodel permit.

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Make a plan. Before you know if you'll need a home remodel permit, you need to know what the home remodel project will entail. Make a detailed list of your plans and the work that each project will take.

Consider the size of your project. If your remodeling projects are easily reversed, you likely do not need a home remodel permit. However, if you're tackling major improvements, you will need a permit. Wiring, plumbing, construction and demolition usually require permission before you can start the project.

Detail all the projects in the room. Your large project may be a bathroom remodel. But in that large project are other smaller projects, like plumbing and electrical. Sometimes, you'll need separate permits for areas like electricity and plumbing.

Consult the permit office. This department is designed to help you. They are experts in the field and they can tell you if your job will require a home remodel permit. Seeking their advice may actually help speed up the permit process, because you'll have a relationship with someone in the office. The permit process can take several weeks, so every little bit helps.

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