What Is the Fastest Way to Empty a Keg?

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Empty liquids from your kegs to keep them clean.

The quickest and easiest way to drain the liquid from a keg is by twisting off its lid and pouring out its contents. The method is less time-consuming than pumping out the liquid by hand. It also can ready any keg promptly for cleaning, recycling, re-purposing or other uses.


Step 1

Release leftover pressure in the keg by switching on its pressure-relief valve, which is a round key on the keg's lid.

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Step 2

Push the keg's lid down while turning the lid 90 degrees. Lift the lid, and remove it from the keg.

Step 3

Pour out liquid from within the keg.


Drain the keg quickly for cleaning if you hope to extend its party life because damaging bacteria, yeast and other microbes thrive in a keg left holding liquid such as beer and soda.



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