How to Fix a Crushed Fitted Hat

Keeping a fitted hat pristine is no easy task. To keep it perfectly shaped, you would need to store each hat on a hat form in a low humidity, 72-degree room in your house. In reality, fitted hats are sat on, packed in suitcases, doused in water, and thrown around. A hat can become crushed in an instant or over time, and before you know it, both you and your hat look like a hobo. Don't throw away that hat just yet; there is a quick fix.

Things You'll Need

  • Towel

  • Bowl of hot water

  • Blow dryer

  • Heavy book

Step 1

Submerge the crushed hat in the bowl of hot water and let it sit for five minutes, then remove the hat from the water.

Step 2

Stuff the towel into the cap while the hat is still soaking wet. The towel should fill out the cap completely, creating a head shape in the cap.

Step 3

Place the hat, filled cap side up, on a table.

Step 4

Place a heavy book over the brim of the hat, flattening it. Apply pressure to get it to lay flat, if necessary.

Step 5

Use the blow dryer on the low setting to dry the cap portion of the hat, applying even heat.

Step 6

Allow the brim of the cap to dry completely overnight underneath the book.

Step 7

Remove the towel and book from the hat. Reshape or bend the brim as desired.


This process works on any hat, from straw to fabric.