Can Someone Wire Into My Electric to Steal It?

Electricity has various ways of being diverted to unauthorized users.
Electricity has various ways of being diverted to unauthorized users. (Image: electrical wires image by NiDerLander from

Electrical lines abound along almost every modernized street. Electricity theft is possible and occurs often, costing the country more than $1 billion in stolen power, reports Arizona Family. There are different strategies in harnessing stolen electricity. (See Reference 1)

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One of the most widely utilized methods by which thieves steal electricity is through pulling power from a meter before it flows through the meter, bypassing the counting program within the meter so that missing power is difficult to be cognizant of or even trace. (See Reference 1)


Other ways thieves steal electricity include securing an electrical connection within a neighbor's home or adjacent business and adjusting the meter to read incorrectly so that excess electricity can be used without the electric company seeing a jump in voltage use. (See Reference 1)


Electricity theft has the possibility of being a felony crime. In addition, trying to manipulate or tamper with any electrical wiring or components can bring on a fatal shock, illustrated by scorched meters and power boxes found in the field. (See Reference 1)


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