What Is Fennel Sausage?

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Fennel sausage is a type of spiced meat sausage. It can be incorporated in breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes and is especially appropriate to serve during fall harvest months.



Fennel seeds
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Fennel sausage is a spiced sausage made from meat, usually pork, and flavored with fennel seed, a flavorful, sweet and bitter herb. Other spices are often included in fennel sausage, including salt, pepper, garlic, cayenne pepper and sugar.



Pork goes through meat grinder
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To make the sausages, combine all the spices together and mix them with the meat. Then put the meat in a grinder and wrap it into tight sausages. Once the wrapped sausages have been poached, remove the wrapping and saute the fennel sausages on a frying pan until golden brown and cooked through.



Penne with sausage
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Fennel sausages can be cut up and mixed into pasta dishes, or served alongside eggs or kraut. Fennel is a strong spice, so pair the sausages with more mild flavors for the best results.


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