What Is the Cost of Cleaning a Septic Tank?

The cost of cleaning a septic tank is dependent on several factors.
The cost of cleaning a septic tank is dependent on several factors. (Image: construction jobsite image by Tom Oliveira from Fotolia.com)

Septic tanks are storage units that hold septic, or human waste. Bacteria in the tank breaks down solids, while the remainder of the waste is absorbed into the soil after being drained through pipes. In order to keep septic tanks working efficiently, they should be maintained regularly.

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Cleaning a septic tank costs anywhere between $75 to more than $2,000, according to Costhelper.com. The actual cost is typically determined by the tank's size and cost of labor.


The number of people living in your household will determine how frequently you should clean your septic tank. For example, if only one or two people live in your household, your septic tank only needs to be drained every three years. So, if you clean your septic tank every three years, and the cost is around $150, then it costs $50 a year to maintain your septic tank.


Smaller septic tanks cost much less to clean, while larger tanks require more labor and machinery to dig up and pump out septic tank. Tanks that need repair maintenance will also cost more to drain, fix and clean.


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