What Is Fiberboard?

What Is Fiberboard?
What Is Fiberboard? (Image: Photo by kissyface at http://www.flickr.com/photos/kissyface/502689593/)

Fiberboard is an engineered wood product created from wood chips, sawdust, plant fibers and sometimes other materials as well. These materials are bonded together with timber resin or synthetic resin and compressed into rigid sheets under heat and pressure. In order of increasing density, the types of fiberboard are particle board, medium-density fiberboard and hardboard.

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Most Common Fiberboard

Medium-density fiberboard is the most commonly used fiberboard and is more durable than particle board and less expensive than hardboard. It is still appropriate for most uses.

Recycling Material

Because of society's strong interest in recycling, fiberboard increasingly contains waste paper such as telephone books and newspaper, a logical move since paper originates from plant material.


The surface of fiberboard is flat and smooth, with no knots or grain patterns.


Fiberboard is commonly used to manufacture furniture such as tables, desks and dressers, because it is strong and lightweight. Cabinets also are often constructed of fiberboard.


The automotive industry includes fiberboard in new vehicles to build dashboards and rear shelves.


Contractors of residential and commercial buildings use fiberboard for soundproofing, low-slope roofing, floor underlayment and more.

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