50 Budget-Friendly DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

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Christmas is right around the corner, and it's time to start tackling your gift list. If you don't feel up to tackling the stores and the long lines or dealing with the shipping delays that come with online shopping, try making a few handmade gifts yourself. You don't have to spend a lot to give a great gift. After all, as the saying goes, it's the thought that counts when it comes to giving a gift, and what is more thoughtful than DIY Christmas gifts that you made with your own hands?


From things like an easy no-sew blanket to custom candles and even upcycled projects for which you probably have all the materials at home, there is something for everyone. Whether you need something for your kids, your parents or your BFF, you're bound to find something they'll love on this list of budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas.


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1. No-Sew Fleece Hat

Give your friends the gift of warmth this holiday season. This stylish no-sew hat only requires 1/2 a yard of fleece fabric and 15 minutes of your time.


2. Hot Cocoa Decorative Candles

This delicious-looking decorative candle is among the best gifts for the chocoholic in your life. Add a few drops of chocolate scent to the melted wax to make a candle that smells and looks good enough to consume.


3. No-Sew Fleece Fringe Scarf

Your friends will think of you every time they bundle up in this no-sew fringe scarf. Choose pattered fleece and coordinating yarn for a gift that is pretty and practical.


4. Hot Chocolate Mix in a Jar

Make a simple hot chocolate mix with easy to find ingredients, like cocoa powder and sugar. Put it in a gift basket with homemade peppermint marshmallows and gingerbread cookies for dunking and it's sure to be a hit.



5. Photo Candles

Create a custom photo candle for each one of your friends this Christmas. Whether you choose images of the recipients' kids, pets or just something adorable you know they'll love, these are sure to brighten anyone's holiday.


6. Floral Resin Keychains

Make some of these ultra trendy resin keychains for all the teenage fashionistas on your list. Add tiny pieces of dried flowers to the resin before it dries for a one of a kind creation.


7. Sweater Mittens

Repurpose an old sweater into a brand-new pair of mittens. This is one easy DIY gift that won't hurt the environment or your wallet.


8. Reindeer Cake Pops

Start handing out these adorable cake pops and you're sure to be on the nice list this year. Boxed cake mix and premade frosting make this a project with which kids can easily help.

9. No-Sew Braided Pillow Cover

Revamp your loved ones' living space with a new pillow cover. This no-sew project is one that even the most novice DIYers can handle with ease.

10. Fleece Pocket Scarf

Your friends will all go crazy for this fleece scarf with pockets to keep your hands warm. This is a great gift for someone who loves a brisk early morning walk or anyone who just likes spending time outdoors.

11. Upcycled Flannel Shirt Quilt

Make a cozy quilt from a few old (or thrifted!) flannel shirts. This is an inexpensive homemade Christmas gift that anyone will love.


12. Rag Quilt

If you don't have any flannel shirts to get rid of or want a more cohesive look, grab a few coordinating fabrics from the craft store instead and make this rag quilt. The finished blanket will be perfect for movie nights.

13. Flannel Mittens

Your friends will flip when they find a pair of custom flannel mittens under the Christmas tree. This is a great sewing project for beginners thanks to the easy to follow tutorial and free printable pattern.

14. Cement Candles

These modern cement candles will add a dose of style to any mantel. Add a jar of matches for a complete package.

15. Quilted Flannel Coasters

Your friends or co-workers will think of you every time they set down their drink on these quilted flannel coasters. Bonus: This is a great project to use up your overflowing scrap fabric pile.


16. Fabric Hot Dish Basket

This pretty and practical fabric hot dish basket is perfect for the avid cook on your list. Now, they'll be able to transport their culinary confections in style.

17. Tabletop Zen Garden

Give the gift of relaxation this holiday season. Even the busiest person won't be able to resist a few minutes with this tabletop zen garden.

18. Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

Keep dry winter skin exfoliated and moisturized with a homemade scrub made with coconut oil, sugar and essential oils. Add a face mask and a package of bath salts for a full spa experience.

19. Upcycled Flannel Tote Bag

All the stylish ladies on your list will be lusting after one of these flannel tote bags. It even has functional outside pockets.

20. Convertible Fingerless Gloves

These fingerless gloves are the perfect compromise between being warm and still being able to use things, like the touch screen on your phone. Go ahead and make an extra pair while you're at it because you're definitely going to want some for yourself.

21. Fabric Pie Carrier

Pie is always a good idea. Bake a homemade apple pie and package it in this fabric pie carrier. It will keep your pie warm, and they'll be able to use it over and over again.

22. Mason Jar Herb Garden

The foodies on your list will go crazy for this countertop herb garden. Since all you need are plants, dirt and a few Mason jars, this is a great one with which the kids can help. They might even be encouraged to try a few new foods with the herbs they helped plant.

23. Flannel Hand Warmers

Anyone who lives in a cold climate will know the value of these hand warmers. You can whip up a big batch of these in just a few hours, which is good because everyone is going to want some.

24. Girls' Skirt From a Sweater

The little girls on your list will love this stylish skirt. Made from an old sweater, this is something you can make without ever having to leave the house.

25. Homemade Peach Jam

Bring a dose of summertime to the winter season with this peach jam. Even novice canners can handle this simple recipe. A sealed jar of jam will last up to a year on the shelf, but there's no chance it will make it that long.

26. Mason Jar Snow Globes

Grab a few Mason jars and create a custom snow globe that will fit right in with all the Christmas decorations. This is an ideal way to display tiny trinkets and would be a fun way to memorialize your kids' favorite action figures.

27. Faux Fur Hat

Make sure all your little cuties are ready for the cold weather with a new faux fur hat. A straightforward shape and simple stitches make this an ideal beginner project.

28. Convenient Casserole Carrier

Gift your favorite bakers with one of these casserole carriers that will make transporting their creations a piece of cake. Who knows, maybe they'll be so grateful that they'll bake you something in return.

29. Twist Candles

Wow even the pickiest people on your list with a custom twist candle. All you need are a bunch of tapered candles and a bucket of hot water.

30. Homemade Taco Seasoning

Taco Tuesday is about to get a whole lot better. You'll be able to tailor each batch of taco seasoning with different levels of spice for a unique blend that can't be bought.

31. Sweater Quilt

Head to your local thrift store and grab as many sweaters as you can carry. Cut them into squares and sew them together to make everyone's new favorite sweater quilt.

32. Gnome Bottle Topper

Dress up the bottle of wine you're planning to bring as your hostess gift this Christmas. The cute gnome topper will double as decoration even after the bottle is empty. You can even add a loop of string to the gnome hats so they can be used as Christmas ornaments later.

33. Pressed Flower Coasters

Half coaster, half work of art — these will be the talk of the holiday gift exchange. These pressed flower coasters are sure to brighten up even the dreariest winter days.

34. Scented Wax Fire Starters

There's nothing better than sitting around a fire on a chilly night. These scented fire starters will add a pleasant aroma to every bonfire. Package a few in a cellophane bag, add a gift tag and you're ready to go.

35. Fabric Bread Basket Cover

Make sure the rolls at Sunday dinners don't get cold with this reusable bread basket cover. The fabric flaps allow the steam to vent so the rolls won't get soggy and means it will fit any size bowl.

36. Flannel Fringe Scarf

Wind chills are no match for this cozy flannel scarf. With just two straight stitches, anyone can handle this homemade gift.

37. Shark Fleece Hooded Blanket

All the kids (and kids at heart) in your life will be in a frenzy for this hooded shark blanket. Just be prepared for everyone else to ask for one too.

38. Soup Bowl Hot Pad

Curling up on the couch with a bowl of soup just got an upgrade. Now they won't have to worry about burning their fingers or fumbling with a dish towel thanks to this soup bowl hot pad.

39. Upcycled Ponytail Hat

Now your friend can keep her ears warm without having to sacrifice her signature top knot. Made from an old sweater, there's no excuse not to make this ponytail hat.

40. Homemade Strawberry Jam

No one can resist homemade strawberry jam. Just prepare yourself for when everyone wants a jar of their own.

41. Custom Paint-By-Numbers Project

Create a custom paint-by-numbers print from any picture. Give it as a gift already colored in and framed or put together a DIY kit so the recipient can do it himself.

42. Braided Fleece Blanket

Everyone from babies to your grandma will enjoy getting a warm fleece blanket. This easy no-sew project is one you can accomplish in a single afternoon.

43. Felted Wool Mittens

Use the free printable pattern to put together these warm mittens. The felt interior is soft and will help keep your fingers warm. Cold hands will be a thing of the past.

44. Felt Flowers Bouquet

Make a bouquet of flowers that will never wilt, like these felt ones. Include a few pieces of artificial greenery to add dimension. You can even spritz the felt flowers with your favorite perfume for a subtle aroma.

45. Reusable Tortilla Warmer

Another necessity for taco Tuesday, this tortilla warmer will make sure you always have the freshest base for your fillings of choice. Just place your tortillas in the warmer and microwave for 30 seconds. They'll be perfect every time.

46. T-Shirt Yarn Rug

Make good use of all those T-shirts in your donation pile. Turn them into a cool new rug for your friend who just moved into that new apartment.

47. Beach Memory Mason Jar

They say it's the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving, and this one is about as thoughtful as it gets. Turn a Mason jar or any other clear glass container into a beach memory jar for your closest loved ones. They'll think of the shared good times every time they look at it.

48. Upcycled Girls' Pullover Sweater

Pass on your unused sweater and make it into a perfect pullover for a little girl. She'll love knowing that she gets to wear one of your old favorites.

49. Decorative Ice Cream Sundae Candles

These layered candles need to come with a warning label because they almost look too real. The cherry on the top seals the deal. These ice cream sundae candles will make everyone scream with delight.

50. Zippered Travel Pouch

Friends with the travel bug, moms, teenagers, even kids — everyone has a use for a good zippered pouch. Choose a fabric you know they'll love and you have a gift that can never go wrong.


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