How to Care for a Flocked Tree

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Flocked trees are sprayed with a substance that mimics snow.

Trees that are "flocked" are covered with a substance that mimics the look of snow. Flocking seals the tree's needles, which removes the tree's ability to take in water. This in turn may cause the tree to wilt and die quickly. For that reason, many people choose to purchase artificial trees that have been flocked, rather than flocking live trees. On the other hand, live trees that have been flocked are fairly easy to care for since, in most cases, you don't have to worry about watering them.


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Step 1

Locate your tree away from any sources of heat, such as a heating vent, fireplace, or wood stove. This will prevent it from drying out, especially as it will not draw water. Flocking is fire-retardant but not fire-proof, so this will also keep the tree from catching on fire.

Step 2

Decorate your tree with miniature lights, which give off much less heat than large lights.


Step 3

Avoid touching the tree as much as possible, as touching it may brush off some of the flocking. In particular, do not let children or pets touch the flocking or put pieces of it in their mouths.

Step 4

Water the tree if the flocking is very light. In cases where the tree has been only lightly flocked (the needles are not coated), the tree still might draw water. Make a fresh cut on the base of the tree, and place it in water as soon as possible after purchasing the tree. Check the water level at least once a day and add more water when necessary.