Ideas for Secret Pal Gift Giving

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The concept of being a secret pal is fairly simple. Members of a group draw names and, for a specific period of time, anonymously leave gifts for each other. Part of the fun is trying not to let the recipient know who you are, but sometimes even a clever secret pal can have a hard time coming up with gift items. Fortunately, there are some great ideas for secret pal gift giving that will keep them guessing and are as fun to give as to receive.


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Holidays and Seasons

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More and more stores are putting out merchandise for the next holiday almost immediately after the previous holiday has passed. This provides secret pal shoppers with more than a month of holiday and seasonal choices to give every few days or each week until the holiday arrives. While giving heart-shaped items for Valentine's Day and snowmen at Christmas are obvious choices, consider festive red, white and blue cloth napkins for the Fourth of July, or a floral arrangement for fall, given just as the leaves on the trees begin to change.


Bakery Items

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A single cupcake left on your secret pal's desk at work or a large chocolate chip cookie delivered to the house are confectionery delights sure to please. If you bake the item yourself, ask a neighborhood teen to make the delivery for you (if they can keep a secret), or package your goody in a secure box and leave it for them to discover when they arrive at work or at home.


Craft Items

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A one-of-a-kind craft item is always a wonderful surprise. Visit local craft fairs or look online to order ornaments, jewelry and other trinkets that can't be found anywhere else. Most secret pal groups start off with a "likes and dislikes" list, so knowing what your secret pal likes to collect or what their favorite color is helps make it easy to select a craft item they are sure to treasure.


Office Supplies

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For the secret pal in your office, cute sticky notes or colored paper clips are simple gifts that you know any co-worker can use. Stock up on fun items at your local office supply place, and leave a couple of items on the desk while your pal is away at lunch or before he or she arrives in the morning.


Sudsy Scents

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Pamper your secret pal with scented soaps and bath gels. Many soaps now have special scents perfect for relaxing in the tub after a long day or to help you energize in the morning shower.