Martha Stewart 50th Anniversary Ideas

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A 50th wedding anniversary is also known as a gold anniversary.
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Martha Stewart, a household name for entertainment, cooking and living graciously, freely offers tips, tricks and advice on how to throw a party, celebrate a wedding or anniversary, or even enjoy a simple dinner party in the comfort of the home. Martha Stewart gives ideas on how to celebrate a 50th anniversary in style, and how to successfully host an anniversary party.


Plan the Party

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Plan the party food.
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Martha Stewart necessitates that planning a party is essential before actually having the celebration. She states that party planning "involves making decisions about location, decoration and tables, that however pragmatic, must also be aesthetic, because ultimately they add up to style."


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When planning a 50th wedding anniversary, include a guest list, foods and location ideas. Surround the planning around a golden theme. Developed in the Victorian era, useful items such as cotton, leather and wood began to be used to celebrate the early years of marriage. As the length of the marriage progressed, more precious items like crystal, silver and gold were used to celebrate the 15th, 25th and 50th anniversaries. Golden anniversaries vary on specific themes and scope of the party.


Choose the Theme

Choose a theme.
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Choose a theme for the 50th anniversary. Golden accents, food and other similarly colored items range in type of party that is planned. Some couples seek a refined and elegant celebration, while other feel a backyard cookout suits the couple more. The theme generally will dictate the type of food to be served and will aid in the decision of location.


Choose the Guests

Invite proper guests.
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It is equally important to choose the proper guests. Invite guests that have an equal amount of compatible and conflicting interests to support lively conversation, according to Martha Stewart. Inviting family is a must for a 50th wedding anniversary. Couples will enjoy the benefits of grown children and grandchildren as they honor the couple for the dedicated commitment the married couple has for each other.


Create a Memory

Frame note cards.
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Martha Stewart suggests honoring a 50th wedding anniversary with a simple memory activity. At every table, supply small decorative note cards and pens. Have each guest write out a favorite memory of the couple and place it in a large jar. When everyone has finished contributing, have guests select a note card from the jar and read it aloud. Then try to guess who wrote the note card. Save the note cards by framing them or putting them in a photo album.



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