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There are risks related to knee replacement surgery, and they include the development of fractures, problems with the implant of cells, pain, bleeding and blood clots. Learn about anesthetic complications, heart attacks, strokes and other risks of knee replacement surgery with information from an orthopedic surgeon in this free video on knee replacement surgery.

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Hello! I'm Dr. Brad Cohen, an orthopaedic surgeon with Aventura Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine here in Aventura, Florida. Let's talk a little bit about the risks of knee replacement surgery. There are several risks associated with this surgery. Some of the risks are related to the implant of cells. This is a mechanical component and be can can become lose over time. Additionally, fractures can develop in the knee specially after a fall after these implants are put into place. Sometimes the implants need to be replaced over time and that would require a revision in knee replacement surgery. Some people develop pain after the surgery. Other general risks of surgery include bleeding which may require blood transfusion, infection, injured of nerves or blood vessels, pain, scarring, stiffness and weakness. People can develop blood clots in their legs which can embolize the lungs and this can be a potentially fatal condition. Other risk include anesthetic complications, heart attack, stroke and even death in rare cases. In summary, there are risks with knee replacement surgery and you should discuss this with your surgeon prior to any consideration of surgery.


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