Types of Green Energy

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The various types of green energy include hydroelectricity, wind energy, solar power and geothermal energy. Find out how green energy helps to improve the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions with help from an environmental activist in this free video on green energy.

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Video Transcript

My name is Doug Young, president South Florida Audubon Society and chair of the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Sub-committee at the Broward County Climate Change Task Force. Let's talk about the types of green energy. Green energy is directly related to green energy resources. One of the green energy resources alternative resource, alternative energy renewable is hydroelectric or hydropower, simply water being used to generate electricity. We often forget that that's been used for decades. But what, the other thing that's been used for quite a while on a small scale and now on a larger scale, we're talking about solar, solar at home, solar for industry, solar for buildings. Also, wind, wind turbines, you see wind mills in Holland for many many many decades but now we're talking about these giant wind turbines which are a renewable source of energy because we're always going to have wind out there and that is also the key thing here, we call these green because they do not use fossil fuel. Fossil fuel or petroleum based fuels produce CO2 emission and that is not green, that creates global warming or greenhouse gases. By using green energy, wind, solar, geothermal, hydropower, those sorts of things, those are what we call different types of green energy because they are non I'm going to call 'em non-invasive because they do not disrupt our environment, they actually help to improve it by not creating CO2 emissions and that's where were goin'.


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