How to Make a Paper Sombrero

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 pieces newspaper, 3-foot long

  • Masking tape

  • Scissors

  • Hole punch

  • Spray paint

  • Yarn, ribbon or leather cording, 5 feet

  • Glitter, ribbons, silk flowers (optional)

Make a colorful paper sombrero to keep the sun off your face.
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Get into the spirit of Mexico by making your own paper sombrero. This simple craft can also be used for school cultural days, dress-up play or Cinco de Mayo parties. Kids and adults alike can make custom hats to wear during the festivities. Start your projects at the beginning of the party as the paint takes around an hour to dry completely. Hold a contest to see who has the best sombrero and award a prize to the winner.


Step 1

Position two sheets of newspaper on top of each other to form the shape of an X. Pick the newspapers up and position them on top of your head.

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Step 2

Press down around the crown of your head with your hands. Smooth the paper over the shape of your head so the paper takes on the domed shape of your skull.


Step 3

Have someone wrap two to three layers of masking take around your head. The tape should be about the level of your eyes.

Step 4

Remove the paper from your head and place it on a work surface. Place it so the taped portion – the crown – is standing up in the middle and the paper is spread out on the table around it. It should look like an octopus. Trim the paper into a circular shape. Do not cut much off of the paper, just cut off the pointed corners to give it a better shape.


Step 5

Roll the edges of the hat up towards the crown to create a brim. Scrunch the paper with your hands to help it stay rolled up, if necessary.

Step 6

Punch holes with a hole punch 2 inches apart. Place the holes 1 inch in from the edge around the entire brim.


Step 7

Spray paint the sombrero with the color of your choice. Let the hat dry for an hour.

Step 8

Thread a piece of yarn, ribbon or leather through the holes. Tie the yarn with a knot that is larger than the hole. Pull the yarn through the hole from underneath. Take the yarn over the edge of the brim and up through the next hole. Repeat until the yarn is through all of the holes. Tie the end into a knot and cut off the excess yarn.

Step 9

Add ribbons, glitter, silk flowers and other notions as desired.


Select a darker color paint to cover all of the newsprint.



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