Can You Freeze Congee?

Glass of Water
Woman looking in refrigerator
Close-up of a pile of two chocolate brownies on a plate
A Bowl of Cod Stew
Cheese stacked on white background
Cloves of garlic

Can You Heat Aioli?

Pork and shrimp balls and wonton blossoms
Stack of pots
Rows of bread dough
Girl and mother in kitchen
Poppadom and toppings, Bali, Indonesia
Green bean on wood background.
Fungus on tree
Cup of coffee
Person preparing spinach
Taquitos with guacamole
Preparing caviar canapes
Duck with plum sauce
Close-up of a bowl of spaghetti
Bok Choy , pork , shrimp , and lima beans
close-up of a platter of tacos
Close-up of sausages

Can I Refreeze Sausage?

Tortillas cooking
Milk and Cookies
Egg yolks and egg whites in bowl, with eggshells, fork and sugar bowl on tray, close-up
Roast turkey on dinner table
Copper Pots in Kitchen
Close-up of barbecued meat
Close-up of tamarind
Photo, close-up of hamburgers on a grill, Color
Grilling food outdoors