Oompa Loompa Costume Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Basic cropped pants pattern

  • Large bowl

  • Newspaper

  • Scissors

  • 1 ½ yards heavy white cotton fabric

  • 1-inch-wide elastic the length of your waist

  • Sewing machine

  • White ribbon

  • 2 large brown buttons

  • Brown turtleneck

  • White duct tape

  • Brown knee-high socks

  • 2 three-inch-diameter Styrofoam balls

  • 2 twelve-inch squares of brown fabric

  • Safety pins

  • Brown shoes

  • Orange face paint

  • White eyeliner pencil

  • Green hairspray

  • Hot glue gun

  • White gloves

"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is a beloved book turned movie. Memorable characters and vivid pictures have made it the source of many Halloween costumes. Oompa Loompas are known for their short stature, green hair, orange skin and white pants with protruding knees. A costume rental company can charge upwards of $75 for a single-day rental. Making your own costume can give you a huge sense of accomplishment and a unique look while saving a few dollars.



Step 1

Purchase a basic cropped pants pattern with elastic waist. Choose the proper size based on your waist and hip measurements. Remove the pants front and pants back pattern pieces.

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Step 2

Lay the pattern pieces on top of newspaper. Create the protruding knees by placing the large bowl on its face with half of the bowl lying outside the side seam of the front and back pant pattern pieces. Watch that you place the bowl at the same level on the front and back so the protrusions will match. Trace and cut out the new pattern pieces.


Step 3

Cut out the pants on the white fabric using the adjusted pattern pieces. Create two separate legs by stitching a front pattern piece to the back pattern piece, right sides together, at the side seam and inner leg seam.

Step 4

Turn one leg inside out and place the other leg inside the leg matching the seams. Stitch the large "U"-shaped seam. Fold over and stitch the top edge of the waist to create the casing for the elastic. Leave a small opening to insert the elastic. Overlap the ends of the elastic and stitch to secure. Hem the bottom of each leg.


Step 5

Sew the white ribbon to the inside of the waistband in front and back to create the suspenders. Hot-glue the large brown buttons on the waistband where the ribbon connects to the pant.


Step 1

Cut strips of white duct tape 1/2-inch wide by 3 inches long. Press these stripes onto the folded collar and sleeve cuffs of the brown turtleneck shirt.


Step 2

Cut strips of white duct tape 1/2-inch wide by approximately 12 inches long. Press these stripes vertically onto the brown socks.

Step 3

Wrap one square of brown fabric around each Styrofoam ball and secure the loose ends with hot glue. Cut a long narrow strip of white duct tape. Start on the top of the ball, opposite of the glued ends, and create a swirl pattern with the duct tape. Attach the balls to the tops of the shoes using a safety pin.


Putting the Whole Costume Together

Step 1

Put on the costume first. You will not be able to pull on the turtleneck after doing your hair and makeup.

Step 2

Press orange face paint onto your skin, blending down onto the neck. This should tint the skin, not cake the skin.


Step 3

Draw thick white eyebrows with the white eyeliner pencil.

Step 4

Part your hair and style with a swooping curl in the center front and two on the sides. Cover your face with a tissue and your costume with a towel. Hold the can of green hairspray 12 inches away from your hair and spray it on. Move the can while spraying to avoid blotches.

Step 5

Put on the white gloves.


Simplify the costume by purchasing white pants at your local thrift store.


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