How to Prevent Brown Recluse Spider Home Infestation

How to Prevent Brown Recluse Spider Home Infestation. If you live in an area that has a large number of brown recluse spiders, preventing home infestation should be high on your list of priorities. Preventing infestation is key to keeping your home safe and habitable. Don't let brown recluse spiders take control of your home and threaten your health.

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Keep dark and secluded areas in your home clean and orderly. Clutter attracts spiders. Clean garages regularly. Replace cardboard storage boxes in your home with plastic storage boxes with tight-fitting lids. Avoid using bed skirts. Dust and vacuum under your bed and other heavy furniture, around windows and in corners.

Seal up any areas of your house that allow for easy spider entry. Tighten screens on your doors and windows. Use door sweeps. Seal cracks in your home's foundation, along doors and around utility holes and plumbing areas.

Check and clean suspended ceilings, baseboards, heat ducts, registers and places that contain woodwork.

Put non-poisonous insect traps around your house. Place the traps in areas that brown recluse spiders are known to favor like closets and other dark, secluded areas.

Move woodpiles, plywood, cardboard boxes, tires and trash cans away from your home.

Use yellow bulbs in outside lighting fixtures. Yellow bulbs deter the types of insects that brown recluse spiders prey upon for food.

Tips & Warnings

  • Pay special attention to cleaning basements, cellars, attics and garages.
  • Using pesticides as a means to prevent brown recluse spider infestation is generally ineffective. Instead, use the practical common sense methods outlined above to prevent brown recluse spider infestations.
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