How Long Will Dry Salami Last if Not Refrigerated?

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Salami is a combination of meat, fat and spices that are mixed together, put into casings and aged. The aging process varies for different types of salamis, but most are dry-aged, and maturation can last up to 69 days. It also is known as "salame."


Storage time

Dry salami is considered shelf stable and can be kept unopened and unrefrigerated for up to a year. Once it has been opened, the salami can be refrigerated for one month or frozen for up to six months.


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Storage methods

Unopened salami should be stored in a brown paper bag in the pantry, according to Murray's Cheese. The meat is affected by extreme temperatures -- both hot and cold, but does well in cool, dry areas.



Salami from Italy, Eastern Europe and San Francisco may have a thin coating of white mold that helps develop the flavor and is considered desirable. According to the Unites States Department of Agriculture, there is nothing wrong with the mold; however, it may be scrubbed from the surface prior to serving. Murray's says red mold is a concern.


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