Drug & Alcohol Treatment Assessments

Counselors assess people for drug and  alcohol problems.
Counselors assess people for drug and alcohol problems. (Image: girl with bottle of alcohol image by Doctor Kan from Fotolia.com)

Drug and alcohol treatment assessments determine whether a person has a drug or alcohol problem and if so, what level of treatment would be most appropriate. According to Hazelden, a provider of drug and alcohol treatment, counselors sometimes conduct assessments over the phone but some prefer a brief face-to-face meeting. If the assessment indicates a drug or alcohol problem, counselors recommend a more in-depth evaluation.

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Assessment Tools

Counselors have a variety of assessment tools from which to choose. Some focus only on alcohol and some only on drugs, while others look at both substances.


According to Counseling Resource, counselors often use the MAST (Michigan Alcohol Screening Test), a 22-question quiz, to assess whether a person has a drinking problem.


Also according to Counseling Resource, counselors often use the DAST (Drug Abuse Screening Test), a 20-question quiz, to assess a person’s drug use.

Getting an Assessment

You can take self-assessments online to help you determine whether or not you need professional help or a professional counselor can assess you and advise you about the best course of action. If you feel worried about your drinking or if your loved ones tell you that you drink too much, an assessment is probably in order.

Where to Get an Assessment

Most communities have agencies that provide assessments and treatment for drug and alcohol problems on an outpatient basis. Mental health agencies often provide substance abuse services, as well. You can also use the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator online to find a treatment center that provides drug and alcohol assessments.


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