Can You Peel Potatoes the Day Before You Cook Them?

Potatoes are a hearty, staple food item used in many recipes. Peeling potatoes the day before you cook them can reduce preparation time later. Following simple food safety steps will keep potatoes fresh and clean.

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By washing the potatoes before you begin to peel them, you are reducing one potential layer of germs.


As you peel the potatoes, place them in a bowl of cold water with a little salt. This will slow the browning process that occurs when potatoes are peeled.


After all of the potatoes have been peeled and placed in the salt water, rinsing them again will reduce another layer of potential germs as you have handled them to complete the peeling.


Placing the rinsed potatoes in a new batch of cold salt water will continue to hinder the browning process.


Peeled potatoes must be refrigerated in water. This will keep them firm, fresh and safe to eat.


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