Easy Egg-Free Recipes From Social Media Foodies

Eggs are a valuable ingredient, but there are plenty of creative (and delicious!) ways to whip up your favorite desserts and dishes without them.

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Once upon a time, eggs provided a simple way to feed yourself on a tight budget. But rising egg prices have reinforced what most folks with egg allergies or on vegan diets already knew: There are plenty of ways to make delicious food without eggs.


Luckily for those of us who aren't so well versed in crafting recipes without eggs, social media is full of professional and amateur chefs who have already perfected easy egg-free dishes. This means you can skip the guesswork when it comes to whipping up eggless chocolate chip cookies or vegan quiche. Read on for a roundup of quick, simple egg-free treats that will have your mouth watering in moments flat.

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1. Egg-free chocolate chip cookies

There are a lot of recipes out there for eggless chocolate chip cookies, including some versions that call for applesauce or even cream cheese to replace eggs. This cookie recipe from Barcelona-based Instagrammer @infinityplatter uses milk for moisture and instant coffee powder, which accents the flavor of semisweet chocolate chips. These cookies also have twice as much brown sugar as white sugar, which helps create really chewy cookies. Feel free to add white chocolate, milk chocolate and/or chopped toasted pecans to the eggless chocolate chip cookie dough. For added flavor, top the finished cookies with sea salt. Sounds pretty perfect to us!


Tips for Keeping Eggless Cookies Soft and Chewy

When you bake cookies without eggs, there's a risk that they'll get dry and crumbly. (Remember the texture of buttery shortbread cookies, which don't have eggs.) Overbaking will make eggless cookies hard as a rock. To ensure chewy cookies, keep a close eye on them while they're baking and pull them out of the oven as soon as they're baked through. Move them from the cookie sheet onto a wire rack for cooling so they don't continue to cook on the hot sheet. Transfer them to an airtight container as soon as they're cool.

2. Egg-free pancakes

Want to start your morning with pancakes? TikTok baker @bakewithcandy.ng demonstrates an eggless version using buttermilk for tang and texture. Pancakes are also a good way to use egg replacers in either liquid or powder form.


3. Egg-free quiche cups

Quiche isn't out of the question when cooking without eggs as long as you're willing to adjust expectations. The eggless quiche cups that vegan chef @chef_bai makes on TikTok call for a batter of chickpea flour and water flavored with garlic and turmeric and mixed with shallots and sautéed veggies. They're not going to have quite the same flavor and texture as quiche made with real eggs, but they're still a yummy way to get your protein in the morning.


What Do Eggs Do Anyway?

Making substitutions in recipes that normally call for eggs can be tricky because eggs perform multiple functions in baking and cooking. They provide moisture, emulsification, fat and protein, all of which play their own role in the flavor and structure of baked goods. (For example, in pancakes, eggs help support the tiny gas bubbles that are created when the batter is mixed, which allow the pancakes to rise and get fluffy.) That's why simply leaving eggs out of a recipe that calls for them without making any adjustments will generally not yield great results.

4. Egg-free brownies

There's no shortage of egg-free brownie recipes, including plenty that use vegan butter and almond flour or another gluten-free flour. This version, which comes to us from @aasiyaskitchen on TikTok, calls for real butter and milk to create brownies with a cakelike texture. (Be sure to line the pan with parchment paper for easy slicing and cleanup!)



5. Egg-free pasta

Considering it's typically made from just eggs and flour, you might assume that fresh pasta is out of the question when cooking sans eggs. Not so. TikToker @the_pastaqueen demonstrates an eggless pasta technique that employs semolina flour, water and salt. You don't even need a pasta roller or special equipment. After the dough rests, it's cut into chunks and formed into shaped pasta.


6. Egg-free flan

Like quiche, flan is one of those dishes that might seem pointless to attempt without eggs. After all, eggs are considered essential in creating flan's rich custard texture. But TikToker @saltycocina demonstrates a work-around with an eggless flan recipe that uses vanilla-flavored corn starch, gelatin, milk and heavy cream or sour cream along with a caramel sauce made from white sugar. (Check your store for packets of vanilla cornstarch or find them online.)


7. Egg-free mozzarella sticks

We firmly believe that no one should have to go through life without mozzarella sticks no matter their dietary restrictions. On Instagram, self-taught vegan chef @plvntfood makes vegan mozzarella sticks using dairy-free cheese sticks. The coating calls for all-purpose flour and seasoned breadcrumbs with soy milk binding dry ingredients to cheese instead of eggs. If you eat dairy, try the technique with real mozzarella sticks!

8. Egg-free French toast

The eggy taste and texture of traditional French toast can't be replicated (though using an egg replacer in your favorite recipe might work). But soaking bread in sweetened milk mixed with cornstarch does yield a crispy crust once the French toast is fried in butter, so you might not miss the egg.

TikToker @bothegoattv shows off a version made with croissant bread and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnadust. Make your own flavoring with white sugar, cinnamon and vanilla extract. You could also work with gluten-free bread or use almond milk and vegan butter.

9. Egg-free chocolate mousse

This chocolate mousse recipe from baking blogger @cakemehometonight on TikTok is void of eggs, but it's definitely not missing anything else. With just a few minutes of prep time and four ingredients (chocolate chips, heavy cream, vanilla extract and salt), you'll be snacking on rich and luscious homemade mousse for dessert. And breakfast the next day. And maybe lunch.

Who needs pricey eggs when so many delicious sweet and savory dishes can be made without them? Here's to egg-cellent baking adventures with your newfound knowledge!


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