How to Draw a Human Body


When drawing the human body, start with the head, and use shapes to compose the rest of the body. Draw more realistic human bodies with help from a professional artist and art instructor in this free video on figure drawing techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Daniel, and I'm with the Raminford School of Arts. Today, I'll be showing you how to draw the human form. I start with the head, then I drop down to make the neck. Then I get a barrel for the chest. Next, I drop down and create a circle for the torso, and then I taper off these lines of a rectangle, bring them in a bit, and that becomes the hips. I add two circles to create the shoulders, and then two lines draw out the arms, elbows. I draw out the arms, two more circles on each side and then I kind of block out the hands, half circle shape. To make sure that my drawing looks accurate, I divide the body in half and I look for lines that help determine where things line up. I draw it across and determine where on the chest or on the stomach that line goes. That way I know if my arms are too short or too long. I drop down again and draw these two balls and then start to create the thighs. Again, using these same principals, I draw a line going across and what I do here is if I'm standing I look at this space, what's known as the negative space, to see whether or not that shape looks too short or too long. If it's too short, then I'll down the long. If it's too long, I'll drop it back up. We continue with the bottom of the leg, two circles for the ankles and then come the feet. Again, I use a line to divide the body and compare against this line the spacing to see whether or not it needs to be brought in or brought out and that's the basics of drawing the human form.

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