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Tiny sweaters make great gifts for friends and family, especially around Christmastime. Knit tiny sweaters with help from a longtime knitter and designer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Gina Hills and I'm here at Loops in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And today, I'll be talking to you abut knitting tiny sweaters. This is what I love to do around Christmas, I make ornaments. You can also make little, tiny sweaters and use them as gift tags on your presents that you might give throughout the year. So, what I do, my most simple one, is to cast on and knit the body of your sweater like this, right here. And then, this is the dress in which you're knitting. And then, when we need to make the sleeves, I do a knitted cast on. To do that, you just knit into the first stitch, you do a goal post and then, you put it back on your left needle. So, let me do that again. You knit, you don't take it off, you do a goal post and then, you put it back on your left needle. Also by doing this, I'm adding on, by only using one piece of yarn, and you can see I'm already developing a sleeve here. So, that is how you cast-on right here, to make a sleeve. This is an example of what I knit straight up and then, I cast-on to make the sleeve here. And then, as you can see, I just knit until it looks like a sleeve and then, I cast-off the whole length here and then, here is your tiny sweater. When you sew it together, you make two of these, you sew it together, you sew it here on the top side of the sleeve, leaving the neck open. And then, you just sew the ends like this. There are other ways of making tiny sweaters, you can knit in the round and do a raglan sleeve like so forth. Or, you can do pieces like a regular sweater, where you've done your sleeves separately and your body pieces separately. Now, the other thing I like to do is, embellishments, like you might do a knit one, purl one on the edge, or you might even crochet the edge. You can make a little, tiny belt like here, or you can do a crocheted chain and attach it to the top here, and turn it into an ornament or a gift tag. So, that is the easiest way I know to make a knitted tiny sweater. And that is just a cast-on, knit until it looks like the body is done, cast-on for the sleeves, knit up and then, cast the whole thing up. And you've got, yes, a tiny sweater.


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