Unnoticeable Places to Get Tattoos

Most tattoos are a point of pride for the person wearing them and are placed in locations that are easily seen. However, sometimes a tattoo has such a deep and personal meaning that you may want to place it in an unconventional spot so it is not always visible to others. These spots can be covered by clothing to hide the tattoo, or concealed by the natural shape of your body so as to remain at least partially hidden.

Small tattoos can be hid in many places.
Small tattoos can be hid in many places.

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Underarm or Armpit

A small to midsized tattoo is easily covered by a shirt or just by the natural overlapping of your arm and torso when standing straight. If the area is exposed, that is to say if you are wearing a sleeveless shirt or no shirt at all, the tattoo will still remain hidden unless you raise your arm or hold it away from your body. To ideally stay unnoticeable, the tattoo typically should not exceed 4 inches (10cm), depending on the size of your arm.

Woman with exposed armpit
Woman with exposed armpit (Image: Zoonar RF/Zoonar/Getty Images)

Thigh or Hip

A tattoo on a male's upper thigh will generally remain hidden, whether wearing pants, shorts or swim trunks. Whereas, the upper hip or lower waist is ideal for an unnoticeable female tattoo since the bottom portion of a woman's bathing suit is usually more revealing than a man's. The smaller the size, the easier it will be to hide a thigh or hip tattoo on both men and women.

Woman's waist
Woman's waist (Image: Olga Koronevska/iStock/Getty Images)

Back of the Neck

Women who wear long hair can easily hide a tattoo on the back of their neck by allowing their hair to fall flat. This can also be true for men who consistently wear long hair. However, if either a man or woman with long hair decides to wear that hair up or cut it off they will have to wear a high-collared shirt, such as a turtleneck, or a scarf to adequately hide the tattoo. Since the space is extremely limited on the back of a person's neck, a tattoo there should not exceed a couple of inches in diameter.

Neck tattoo
Neck tattoo (Image: Thinkstock Images/Stockbyte/Getty Images)


You can easily cover a tattoo on your foot for professional or other occasions by wearing shoes and socks. However, a foot is often completely exposed in a person's daily life. So, if you want a foot tattoo to remain unnoticeable even when your foot is exposed, consider a small tattoo behind or just beneath your ankle. This way the tattoo will seem completely visible, but in truth it will often be covered by your ankle's shadow and someone would have to really investigate to get a clear glimpse of it.

Foot tattoo
Foot tattoo (Image: Purestock/Purestock/Getty Images)
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