Ceramic Space Heaters Have a Bad Smell

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Ceramic space heaters provide quick heating for cold areas.

Space heaters can bring additional heat to areas of the home where conventional heating may not reach. These small heating units can also be used in garages, basements or outbuildings when you must work in these areas during cold weather. A wide variety of space heaters are available to suit your needs. Ceramic heaters are often used to supplement home heating systems. These small units may emit a bad smell after being out of use over the warmer months.


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About Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic space heaters are relatively new on the space heater market. These units use a ceramic element and aluminum baffles in which the heated air is stored and then blown into the room. They are generally highly efficient units that give off a lot of heat relative to their size, according to the CeramicSpaceHeaters website. Though they give off a great deal of heat, their outside casings remain cool. Units can be large and stationary or portable for use throughout the house as needed. Along with basic heating, ceramic space heaters often have additional features like remote controls, oscillating movement and temperature controls.


Maintaining Ceramic Heaters

Generally, ceramic heaters require the same type of care you would give any space heater. The exterior of the heater should be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth to remove surface dust and dirt. Particular attention should be given to the heating element to ensure that it is free of dirt that can cause a bad smell when first operating the heater for the season. Inspect the electrical cord to ensure that it is not frayed or damaged, a condition that could lead to an accidental fire.


Ceramic Heater Problems

Ceramic space heaters are relatively trouble-free if you maintain them properly and use them according to the manufacturer's instructions. These heaters can release a dusty smell for a time if the heating element has a layer of dust accumulated on it during its time in storage. Always clean the heating components of the ceramic heater after it has been stored for the summer months. Dust can build up on the aluminum baffles of these units, so carefully clean off all surfaces before using. If anything has dripped onto the heating element, such as oil or grease, this will also create a bad smell as it burns off when you first use the unit for the season.


Choosing The Right Ceramic Space Heater

Ceramic space heaters heat up quickly and use electricity efficiently, so choose the right size unit for your needs. Generally, a 500-watt unit will warm a small room adequately if used continuously, according to the RoomHeater website. For larger areas or for rooms you need to keep especially warm, a 1,000-watt unit will serve your purpose. If you plan to use the heater in different areas of the home, such as warming hard-to-heat areas indoors, or for working on your car in the garage, a portable heating unit may be best for your needs.