How to Keep Beer From Giving You Gas

While you might enjoy a nice frosty beer after a long day, one unpleasant aspect you may experience is gas. Beer causes gas due to its carbonation, which can create gas bubbles in your stomach and leave you bloated. While a little bubbly gas in your stomach can't be avoided when drinking beer, you can fight off excess or uncomfortable gas with some preventative methods.

Things You'll Need

  • Anti-gas and bloat medication

  • Fruits and vegetables

Step 1

Take an anti-gas and bloat medication prior to indulging in beer. You can find these medications at your local drug store. They work to combat gas that starts to form in your system from items such as gas-causing foods or beverages.

Step 2

Avoid eating greasy or fatty processed foods prior to and while you drink beer. These foods don't digest well, and will sit for hours in your system. This can cause additional bloating.

Step 3

Eat fruits and vegetables prior to drinking beer. You should always have something in your system before you drink. Try foods that promote healthy digestion and fight bloating, such as fruits and vegetables. For hearty fare try a salad with some lean chicken or fish.

Step 4

Drink a cup of water between each beer. This will help flush out the carbonation of beer, while also keeping you hydrated. Drinking a water between each beer will also help you avoid getting drunk quickly, as well as prevent a hangover the next day.

Step 5

Stick with a darker beer that has rich brown or red-tones. Dark beers have less carbonation, which will in turn create fewer gas bubbles in your stomach. These beers can also make you feel fuller so you will drink them more slowly.

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