How to Estimate the Cost of a Vinyl Siding Project

Choose a siding and take measurements to get an estimate.
Choose a siding and take measurements to get an estimate. (Image: house siding 3 image by Psycience from

To estimate the cost of a vinyl siding project, you will need to narrow down which brand, style and color you would like to use. A vinyl siding project also involves assorted trims, corners and channels to direct water and cover joins. Settle on a couple of price point siding choices to give yourself options if cost is a factor. Once you have figured out which vinyl siding packages may be right for you, you are ready to begin calculating an estimate.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Calculator

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Make a rough sketch of your project to make it easier to follow and double-check.

Measure the square footage of your wall area to be sided. Multiply the height by the width of each wall and add these measurements together. For an estimate, don’t worry about factoring out the roof angles, window or doors. Add another 10 percent to make up for the wasted siding when cutting to length. This will be your square footage calculation for the siding.

Determine the number of bundles required by dividing the square footage per bundle into the total siding square footage of your project.

Measure the distance around your house. Add 10 percent to this number. This will be the amount of starter strip you will require.

Measure the distance around all windows and doors. This will be the amount of trim required. Add 10 percent to the total running footage for the excess required.

Measure and add only the measurements of the tops of each window and door to get the length of J-channel needed.

Measure the height of inward and outward corners separately. Don’t forget the corners of bumped-out windows, inset doors or any design feature of the building which creates a corner.


Take all of your measurements and separately multiply the running or square footage of each item by the dollar amount per foot or square foot of each item. If you made more than one brand or style choice, calculate an estimate, one at a time, for each of your different siding package options.

Add the cost of shipping and handling, if applicable, and any taxes. Add any building permit costs.

Factor in the contractor's estimate if you will be hiring someone to do the job. As a rough guide, many contractors will typically charge the same for labor as the cost of materials.


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