How to Stop Snoring With Mouth Guards

There are a number of issues that can cause snoring, including excess weight, illness and allergic reactions. Chronic snoring can make it difficult to ensure a night of quality sleep for the snorer and for others who can hear the snoring. One method to help with this issue is mouth guards. Here is how to stop snoring with mouth guards.

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Visit a dentist to have custom-fitted mouth guards made for your mouth. Keep in mind these may cost in the thousands of dollars. They may be made of hard or soft material, depending on your needs.

If you can't afford to go to a dentist, or you want to try a mouth guard first to see if it may be a solution for your snoring, consider trying over-the-counter mouth guards. With most of these guards you boil them and mold them to your mouth by biting on them. You can purchase these at many discount and sports stores.

Following the directions given by your health professional or on the mouth guard package, place the mouth guard in your mouth prior to going to bed. The mouth guard will move the jaw and position the tongue so it does not block the airway.

When you get in bed, try to sleep in a position that is less likely to cause snoring. Back sleeping encourages snoring. Side and stomach sleepers are less likely to snore.

If you are still snoring after trying the mouth guards, consult a physician for advice on other methods to try.

Tips & Warnings

  • Over-the-counter mouth guards do not fit as well as custom guards and are considered to be a short-term solution prior to purchasing custom guards.
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