Underground Water Pipe Leak Detection

According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, hidden, underground water pipes can leak and cause damage unknown to the property owner. This leakage does provide above-ground clues so that repairs can be made.

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Underground water pipes can leak due to aging, tree-root punctures, high pressure stresses and freezing. Many components can leak, from valves to the lines themselves. They can even be affected by initial installation defects.


Clues to look for include: consecutively higher water bills from month to month, low water pressure, wet or moldy spots, sink holes and even structural leanings. Due to its underground position, a professional company should be hired to ascertain the damage and properly repair the problem.

Repair Considerations

Professional equipment is necessary to find the specific leak area, normally utilizing sonic or listening devices. Strangely, the smaller the leak, the louder the hissing noise and thereby the easier it is to find. Sadly, larger, quieter leaks can end up damaging more property and costing more due to their difficult detection.


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