What Are the Major Symptoms of Walking Pneumonia?

Walking pneumonia is when a person develops an inflammation of the lung, but not with the severity of regular pneumonia. Mimicking a bad cold or cough, the symptoms of walking pneumonia can seem manageable, but should be addressed by a doctor.

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Cold Symptoms

The early onset of walking pneumonia will be similar to a bad cold. Slight fever, stuffy nose, and a cough will develop. The symptoms of someone with waking pneumonia will gradually get worse over a period of weeks.

Sore Throat and Bad Cough

The definition of pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs, so as the disease progresses symptoms will begin to settle in the chest. She will get a sore throat and the cough will get worse likely with mucus discharge.


Without proper medical attention, walking pneumonia will persist for two weeks to a month. The excessive coughing will cause chest soreness and possible hoarseness. A doctor can prescribe antibiotics if it is a bacterial infection.

Final Stage

After the bulk of the symptoms have cleared up, there will be a dry cough that will persist for four to six weeks.


Young children, the elderly and those who are immune system compromised, can develop more severe pneumonia symptoms including fluid in the lungs. A doctor should be contacted immediately to monitor and treat the illness.

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