What Cosmetics Are Used on Soap Operas?

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Soap opera stars always have absolutely impeccable makeup and hair. It makes viewers often wonder how they can get that look. It helps to have a top-notch makeup artist and hair stylist, but purchasing and using high-quality cosmetics also helps too. Actors on television are under hot lights all day as they are filming, so durable and highly pigmented makeup is essential. Here are some facts about the excellent cosmetics you see on soap stars.



Brands like Nars, Paula Dorff, Vincent Longo, Makeup Forever, Shiseido and MAC Cosmetics are some of the most popular with makeup artists that work on soap opera stars. These are all excellent, reliable makeup lines with diverse color options, wonderful foundations that work for many skin tones and types and long durability. Soap opera stars need long-lasting makeup that doesn't smudge or fade easily, and these lines offer just that.


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One vital aspect to soap opera star cosmetics is that the makeup is high end. Because the makeup has to last so long, it has to be very strong and pigmented. For that reason alone, many drugstore brands such as Wet 'n Wild should be avoided. Although brands like Wet 'n Wild might have many fun colors and options, the makeup simply does not last long enough because of the lack of pigmentation. Even though brands like Paula Dorff and MAC Cosmetics might set you back at least $30 for a pot of cream foundation, it is an investment and will be worth it in the end.


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One thing that all makeup artists know when applying soap opera star makeup is that they have to pile it on. "Spackle" perhaps is a more appropriate term. In this day of HD television and extreme closeups, every pore, line, bag and wrinkle is visible on actors' faces. For that reason alone, it is important to apply a large amount of makeup, starting with a base, then with a few layers of foundation and finally some loose powder. It is important to remember that even though you would feel silly wearing such a thick coating of makeup in everyday life, it is essential to cover up all of your imperfections to look "TV friendly" and "soap opera star perfect."



You can easily acquire soap opera style cosmetics. First off, any and all higher end department stores such as Macy's, Dillards and Bloomingdales will stock these brands. Another great store to purchase cosmetics is the French store Sephora, which has branches all over the United States. Whether you want Benefit or Stila, Sephora has it. If none of these stores has any locations near you, you can shop online. There are countless makeup sites on the Internet from which you can order items and have them delivered to your doorstep.



It is a misconception to think that you need a professional makeup artist to look "soap opera ready." There are many online tutorials that can assist you in learning how to apply makeup like the professionals. Also, there are many makeup application books on the market that can help you out as well. If you take the time and learn about the proper application techniques as well as appropriate products, you, too, can look just as great as anyone you see on the television.



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