Unique & Funny Homemade Gag Gifts for Free

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A stray key, properly labeled, becomes a Redneck Ear Swab.

It doesn't make much sense to spend a lot of money on a gag gift. After all, you're going for the big laugh, not giving an heirloom-quality gift that someone will treasure forever. If you've been invited to a White Elephant exchange or you need a funny present for a retirement or over-the-hill party, give your wallet a break. Dust off your crafting skills, exercise your imagination and make a funny gag gift from things you probably already have around the house.


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Pet Dust Bunny

Give a cleanliness-obsessed friend a Pet Dust Bunny. To make it, find a small box and build a nest inside it using sticks, broom straws, grass or whatever nest-like materials you have lying around. Locate the largest dust bunny you can find by looking under beds, behind bookcases and televisions and anywhere else the broom and vacuum tend to overlook. Lift the dust bunny gently, being careful not to squash it, and place it in the nest. Tell your friend it's an exhibit for her home museum.


Redneck Gear

There are many household items that become instant gag gifts with the addition of a "redneck" label. A can of beans becomes Redneck Bubble Bath. Cut two hands out of construction paper and number the fingers 1-10 for a Redneck Calculator. An orphaned key can be repurposed as a Redneck Ear Swab. Leftover, unpopped bubble wrap will become Redneck Valium.



This is a present for that hard-to-buy-for person on your list. Find a clean, empty jar with a lid and glue the lid onto the jar. Decorate it by cutting out a circle of fabric an inch bigger than the top of the jar, fastening it over the lid with a rubber band and then tying a ribbon around it. Make a fancy label for the jar that reads, "For the Person Who Has Everything."



There are many "kit" gifts that are easy to make and will give recipients a chuckle. Fill a bag with raffia or dried grass and label it, "Straw Hat Kit: Some Assembly Required." A zip-top bag of snow – or ice, in warmer months – with a smaller bag containing a carrot, buttons and 2 charcoal briquets is a "Snowman Kit." Give duct tape and safety pins as a "Male Clothing Repair Kit" while a bag of hard-shelled chocolate candy can double as a "Menstruation Survival Kit."