Sweet Pie-Themed Finds to Celebrate Pi Day!

You don't have to be a math enthusiast to celebrate Pi Day. We think it's the perfect time to embrace your love of pie—the dessert!

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There's a long, cold, dark stretch of months between pumpkin pie season and summer fruit pie season, so "Pi Day" is perfectly timed to break up the dessert monotony and inspire a late winter tribute to all things pie. In fact, we all become math lovers when March 14 arrives and reminds us how many different ways there are to love and celebrate pi. Err, ‌pie‌.


Wait, What's Pi Day?

If it's been a minute since you last sat through math class: 3/14 is Pi Day because the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter starts with 3.14. This number came to be represented by π, a letter of the Greek alphabet that's pronounced in English as "pi."

Video of the Day

But why restrict yourself to one day of pie celebration when you could have an entire pie month or—hear us out—a pie year? Read on for 10 tasty pie-themed gifts you might give your favorite pie lover this Pi Day...even if that person is you!

Video of the Day

1. Apple pie earrings

When you pop on a pair of deliciously realistic pie slice earrings, there are two things you can count on: You'll get compliments from everyone you encounter, and your pie cravings will skyrocket each time you look in the mirror. Miniature pie earrings, like this "à la mode" pair from Etsy maker SweetheartCraftsCo, are shaped from polymer clay so they're as lightweight as they are whimsical. Snag a pair and make everyone around you hungry.

2. Monthly pie subscription

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Barring any allergies or dietary restrictions, edible gifts are almost always a winner. Food subscriptions make especially good last-minute gifts for foodies, but there's also no reason you can't treat yourself too! Who doesn't want something delicious showing up at their front door every month, especially when that "something" is pie?


Several companies, including Goldbelly, offer monthly pie subscriptions so you (or your gift recipient) can sample a new flavor each month. Depending on which company you choose, you can even navigate dietary restrictions while still enjoying pie.


3. Crocheted pie purse

When you carry your keys and wallet around in a crocheted pie bag like this one from Etsy maker MyGranjita, be prepared to hear two questions over and over from strangers. First: "Is that a pie?" followed closely by: "Where did you get that?" We can't imagine a cuter (or more functional!) way to display your admiration for all things pie.


4. Pie wall art

You hang pictures of people and places you love on your walls. Why not hang pictures of foods you love? Every day is Pi(e) Day when you display an homage to your favorite dessert.


Etsy seller PortmanteauLife makes this simple pie canvas wall art, but there are lots of artists creating prints with pie themes. If you have a sentimental favorite recipe (like your mom's famous cheesecake or the chess pie you grew up eating), commission an Etsy artist to make a custom piece of art from the recipe.


5. Pie candle

Love pie? Love candles? Of course you do! You're only human. With a pecan pie candle like the soy-based version made by Etsy seller Beanwick, you can breathe in the sweet scent of fresh pie even if the only dessert in your house is a stale brownie. Pie-scented candles also make the perfect housewarming gift. Pair one with a gift card from a local bakery so new homeowners can treat themselves to the real thing.



This Pi Day, Discover "Mathfluencers"!

If you've always loved pie but never loved math, Pi Day might be the time to change that. TikTok and other social media have allowed educators to share their wisdom in ways that make math more understandable and fun. Check out these three "mathfluencers" to start!

@rollewitit_math: Ms. Rolle is an elementary school math educator who breaks down simple math concepts such as long division and percentages in a relatable way and shares tons of tricks and tips for mental math.

@onlinekyne: A former contestant on "Canada's Drag Race," Kyne might hold the title for "most glamorous math educator on TikTok," explaining topics like probability and non-Euclidean geometry in full drag.

@alexis_loveraz: A current Dartmouth student, Alexis's speciality is walking students through SAT-level math questions. If you have a teen in your home, his TikTok might be useful for answering math questions that you can't.

6. Hand pie molds

Making mini pies might be a little ambitious for an inexperienced baker, but it's easier than it seems when you have hand pie molds like these from Etsy seller CakooArtCraft. Place a piece of pie crust on either side of the mold, spoon in filling and press the two halves together.


Pie molds made from silicone or plastic (this particular collection is made of eco-friendly plastic) are fairly nonstick, so mini pies should pop out easily. Any sturdy filling that can be baked is suitable for hand pies. Try making mini cherry pies or something savory like potato curry pies.

7. Customized pie plate

A personalized pie plate can remind you of good memories—a sweet bonus on top of the fact that you also get pie every time you use it. Etsy sellers including RusticRouteDesigns engrave handwritten recipes into pie dishes, so you can keep a record of Grandma's handwritten chocolate cream pie recipe right there inside the pan. You'll never have to look up the recipe, and you'll remain connected to warm memories.


8. Miniature pie ring

If you love quirky, chunky rings but don't yet own a ring shaped like a miniature pie, Pi Day seems like the right time to remedy that problem. Check out Etsy maker JazleneCollection's line of miniature food-shaped jewelry, including a mixed fruit pie ring that looks good enough to eat. Maybe it'll remind you to eat more fruit...or pie.

9. Sweet potato pie pin

Tell the world that you're all about pie by adding a new enamel pin to your favorite jacket, bag or hat. This sweet potato pie pin from Etsy seller Frostelation is a perfect addition to your existing collection—or maybe it's the start of a new dessert-themed pin collection! Plus, it's just plain adorable.

10. Pie lattice cutter

Even if you're using store-bought pie crust and a jar of pie filling, topping your pie with a decorative latticed crust might make you wonder whether you missed your calling as a pastry chef. A lattice pie top cutter like this one from giftyle on Etsy allows home bakers to create evenly spaced cutouts in pie crust, no fancy knife skills required. It's a simple tool that you and every other pie maker should have in their kitchen—whether or not you're whipping up the dough from scratch.

This March 14, thank a math teacher—then celebrate the "holiday" with your all-time favorite pie. Happy Pi Day to all!


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