Ultimate Guide to Handmade Gifts on Etsy: Part 1

We scoured Etsy's network of creators and artisans to bring you some of the best handmade holiday gifts for every member of the family.

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If your seasonal shopping list feels longer than an elementary school holiday concert, you might think it's impossible to find meaningful and high-quality handmade items for each and every loved one (both human and four-legged varieties). Think again!


This year, we've taken the stress out of shopping for unique, personal gifts by doing the weeding for you and curating some of our favorite gift ideas. Best of all? Our selections come straight from Etsy, so you can be sure to gift unique artisan items and quirky picks from small businesses.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

We'll show you stocking stuffers, splurges and everything in between—with hand-selected and handcrafted pieces to suit every budget. Just a warning: Your status as a great gift giver is about to sky -rocket!

Holiday gifts for the...

1. Not-so-punctual pal

Got a friend who's always 10 to 45 minutes late to just about everything? They'll appreciate the utility and beauty of this handcrafted treasure, which is made with natural agate slices in an assortment of colors, from brilliant blue to dark purple. It's so pretty that the recipient won't even be offended by your subtle punctuality hint-dropping.


2. Friend who's always cold

We all have that one friend who's constantly complaining about being cold—no matter the season. Handcrafted in Poland, these chunky blankets are made with vegan wool (in other words, acrylic fabric that's hypoallergenic) and make perfect gifts for folks who just can't seem to warm up. Choose from a multitude of sizes and colors, including terracotta or neon green, and get ready to bestow the gift of coziness.



3. Lazy (err... lackadaisical) pet

Four-legged friends deserve to be spoiled during the holiday season (and year-round, but we digress.) These gorgeous handwoven pet beds are made by craftsmen in Bolgatanga, Ghana, and surrounding areas, and are expertly constructed with vegetable-dyed elephant grass and lots of love. They're great gifts for stylish pets who aren't ashamed to sleep for 20 hours every day.


4. Ultra-organized friend

This delicate plantable calendar is a meaningful present for people who are capable of keeping houseplants and gardens thriving (unlike so many of us). Its pages feature soft watercolor designs on recycled paper. But what makes this an extra eco-cool gift? There are real seeds (from marigolds to tomatoes) embedded in every page, so each month's sheet can literally be sown and grown.


5. Quirky couple

The ordering process for these lookalike crochet dolls is simple: You'll send the Vietnam-based creator a few reference photos, choose your preferred dimensions and request any additional personalization. They're perfect for the holiday season, but they also make fantastic year-round anniversary or wedding gifts for couples with a quirky sense of humor. The results are adorably accurate.



6. Proud plant parent

Casey Alberti's macrame hanger creations are eye-catching and durable, making them one of the best gift ideas for plant parents who like to take care of their blooming babies. These wall plant hangers are made with recycled cotton and come in colors like agave, forest green and rainbow. They're perfect for sprucing up a living space or adding color and greenery to a front porch.


7. Whimsical candy fan

SilkyGemShop on Etsy is stocked with mystically inspired candy and sweets that look (almost) too good to eat. From lychee rose quartz to mouthwatering mango amber, the options are endless and delicious. It's almost impossible to go wrong with edible presents—especially ones as utterly unique as these.

8. Pal who carries little bags in bigger bags

You know that friend who shows up to lunch and proceeds to pull out one tiny bag after another, like a nesting doll situation? That person needs this transparent toiletry bag, which can be personalized with chenille patches initials or rainbow and heart patches, for a distinctly early 2000s feel. Just don't be surprised if they get an even smaller bag to go inside this one!


9. Games-loving (i.e., competitive) family

These custom cornhole boards are lovingly handcrafted in Newport Beach, California, and can be engraved with just about anything you'd like. Surnames are a great option if you're considering a holiday gift for the whole crew, but company logos and fun phrases are also popular. Made with stained birch plywood, these are worth splurging on—especially if you're looking for a gift the entire family can enjoy.

10. Cottage-core devotee

Cottage core is alive and well. And these digital photos, carefully printed on handmade cotton paper, make it easy to embrace the aesthetic. Each exquisite print makes a dreamy addition to any cottage (or tiny apartment parading as a cottage) while thoughtfully combining past and present—a great gift for that friend who loves to cosplay life in the English countryside.

11. Friend who fidgets

If you're shopping for a neurodivergent friend or someone with unique sensory needs, consider a pair of fidget-friendly earrings from SunPuddleCompany, whose creator identifies as neurodivergent. Each pair is truly adorable, featuring everything from dangling glass mushrooms to cute kitties. Available in various sizes, these jewelry pieces make great gifts for any lover of eclectic style—whether or not they'll benefit from fidget-friendliness.


12. Coffee (or tea!) aficionado

Tea and coffee lovers will adore these hand-painted ceramic mugs, which come in sets of two or three and feature bright, abstract patterns. These microwave and dishwasher-safe pieces make unique yet reliable gifts for coworkers, in-laws, family friends, kids' teachers or Secret Santa exchanges.

13. Bookclub leader

The book enthusiast in your life will swoon over this cheeky tote bag, which is available in ten vibrant colors. After all, bookworms know that the hardest part of visiting a bookstore is leaving empty-handed. So, go ahead—help the voracious reader in your life prepare for the inevitable by gifting them with a way to carry all their new purchases home.

14. Hot sauce fan

You know this person: No matter how much hot sauce they load up on, they're always craving more spice and flavor. Give them something new to try with a jar of mango tamarind hot sauce from Nafis, a shop run by a mother-daughter duo. While you're at it, snag a few containers of Nafis' peanut, ginger lemongrass or coconut curry sauces.

15. Pal who's basically a mermaid

Handmade with sea shells, driftwood and clear glass bottles, these wind chimes will transport your beach-obsessed friend straight to the shoreline...or a Nicholas Sparks novel. Perfect for hanging on a porch or even over a kitchen sink near a breezy window, it's tough to beat the calming sound of these nautical, natural chimes.

16. Succulent-obsessed

It doesn't get much cuter than these mini succulent gardens, which fit seamlessly into a variety of home aesthetics. The hexagonal ceramic pots that measure 2.75 in. across and can be purchased individually or in sets of three. Whichever option you choose, your succulent-loving friend will be in tiny plant paradise.

17. Bud who always brings back souvenirs

With a personalized engraved tag from LittleDotStudio, your favorite jet-setting pal can add a durable and decidedly unique touch to their favorite luggage. Make it personal with colors ranging from lavender to sky blue along with engraved shapes like airplanes, boats and campers. Gone are the days of handwritten paper address labels stuffed carelessly into suitcase slots!

18. New homeowner (or renter!)

Homeownership is full of promise and fun, but it's also stressful. With a personalized wood block address stamp from DelightfulStamps on Etsy, you can help the new homeowners in your life check something off their long to-do list. Stamps come in a variety of shapes, designs and fonts, with styles ranging from minimalist to nature-inspired. If you're lucky, you'll appreciate the fruits of your gifting labor when a hand-stamped thank-you card arrives in the mail.

19. Loved one who still sends snail mail

Featuring adorable woodland animals with a clean, white base, these quaint cards come in a set of eight and are made with recycled paper—so you can feel good about your purchase. Plus, it's hard to beat the charm of a handwritten letter sent the old-fashioned way.

20. Sleepy first-time parents

If you're anything like us, your social media feed is all babies, all the time. Present the new parents on your holiday shopping list with something original in the form of a handmade corduroy letter that will add color and subtle personalization to a nursery. It also makes for a great pillow should said parents need to nap on the nursery floor while baby sleeps in the crib! The letters are available in colors such as sage, dusty pink, ivory and teal. And who knows? Maybe your gifted letter(s) will even make it onto the baby-centric newsfeed.

21. Eco-conscious "I'm in a band!" friend

Consider picking out (pun definitely intended) a few wooden of these guitar picks crafted from recycled skateboards for the musician on your list. With an assortment of color and personalization options (you can even have picks engraved with hearts, stars or animal shapes), these small but beautiful pieces make thoughtful gifts for that buddy who's always strumming away. After all, guitar picks are a lot like bobby pins and socks in that they're always getting lost—so your musician pal can certainly use a few extras.

22. Sentimental pet owner

Check out GyloILLustrations, a business based in London, for a custom pet portrait that might already be on your animal-loving pal's wish list. After personalization and proofs, the artist will provide you with a high-res digital copy that can be printed, framed and presented however you choose.


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