Gifts for a 22-Year-Old Girl

Twenty-two-year-old girls can prove a tough demographic to shop for. Officially of age to purchase alcohol and possibly entering the professional workforce for the first time, the same 22-year-old girl is still young enough to potentially be living at home and enjoying the final fleeting benefits of childhood. Finding a gift that honors the adult as well as impresses the girl may be challenging, but it can be done.

Find the perfect gift for a 22-year-old girl.
Find the perfect gift for a 22-year-old girl.

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Go With Gadgets

Twenty-somethings are notoriously savvy with technology, so why not surprise the 22-year-old on your gift list with a cool new gadget? Buy the music lover a new MP3 player or get your socialite the latest cell phone that she's had her eye on. If she's an aspiring shutter bug, get her a new digital camera. For bookworms, a new e-reader will delight her. Trendy but less expensive options ranging from $10 to $15 include an electronic picture key chain and a digital wireless weather station. She will love a cool new toy perfectly suited to her own distinct tastes.

Woman holding a digital camera
Woman holding a digital camera (Image: stokkete/iStock/Getty Images)

Spa Day

Girls of any age appreciate the beauty and importance of relaxation. Surprise your 22-year-old with a day at the local spa. Select specific services that you know she'll like, or simply give her a gift certificate with a designated amount that she can spend as she likes. Alternatively, put together a gift basket of spa items, including facial products, nail polish, files, scented lotions, etc. for her to indulge in a little at-home pampering. Either way, she will truly enjoy the chance to get primped and pampered, and she will be grateful to you for making it happen.

Woman receives stone massage at spa
Woman receives stone massage at spa (Image: Valua Vitaly/iStock/Getty Images)

Home-Cooked Meal

Many 22-year-olds find themselves too busy to invest in a home-cooked meal. Bestow a handmade invitation to the twenty-something on your gift list and request her presence at a homemade dinner in her honor. Get her meal wish list in advance and prepare some of her favorite dishes. If you're celebrating her birthday, punctuate the evening with a homemade cake and rendition of "Happy Birthday." She is guaranteed to leave feeling full and happy.

Young woman covered in streamers holds a birthday cake
Young woman covered in streamers holds a birthday cake (Image: John Howard/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Gift Cards

Still stumped? Fret not. Gift cards make a universally perfect gift no matter what your 22-year-old's tastes, hobbies or preferences. Get her one to her favorite store, or simply buy her a card backed by a credit card company, and she can use it anywhere the card is accepted. To make the gift card a bit more personal, purchase a pretty gift bag and hide the card under some decorative tissue. And, of course, take the time to select a meaningful card to include in the final presentation.

Woman shopping at clothing store
Woman shopping at clothing store (Image: LuminaStock/iStock/Getty Images)


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