Volleyball Gift Ideas for Senior Night

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Now an Olympic sport, volleyball was originally created by an American teacher.

Volleyball has experienced milestones as a sport. Invented in Massachusetts in 1895, the game can be included in a student's enjoyment of the Senior Night lifetime milestone. Tokens of encouragement, including volleyball-related clothing or gear, are always hits as gifts on senior night. Many companies can include specific team logos or high school mascots onto volleyball-related items, not only creating exciting mementos, but simply boosting Senior Night's fun factor.



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After the hat toss, give seniors customized volleyball T-shirts for relaxing.

Custom volleyball boxer shorts promoting the team or school colors are fun to add to Senior Night festivities. Many schools give boxer shorts as gifts for winning Senior Night games, such as bingo. Boxer shorts are not just for men. Teen females and males enjoy them on the outside of other garments just for kicks. You can purchase volleyball boxer shorts online at sport supplies stores such as Worldwide Sport Supply. T-shirt companies can personalize clothing items with school logos, jersey numbers and student names. Socks, shoelaces, jackets and customized warm-up wear prepare seniors for any volleyball occasion.

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Engrave volleyball charms with the graduation year.

Seniors enjoy flare with any special occasion. Include customized volleyball buttons, pins, bracelets, key chains or volleyball Senior Night tassels to hang from a rear view mirror. Charms, earrings, cell phone covers, whistle lanyards and license plate frames promoting the Senior Night and the volleyball sport are always hits.



Give customized volleyballs for MVP or Milestone Volleyball awards on senior night.

Volleyball bags, backpacks, water bottles, book covers and sun visors are items easily personalized for Senior Night. Gear can be designed with the graduating senior year's specific motto, with a picture of the school mascot or in the school colors, while promoting the volleyball sport. Gear items are always positive gifts for Senior Night, allowing students to utilize these items not only for Senior Night, but beyond.



Customized volleyball headbands make sporty gifts on senior night.

Volleyball hair ribbons, headbands, hairband balls, glitter headbands and sequin headbands are positive ways to promote volleyball fun. Thicker headbands, such as a headband with a crystal volleyball embellished on the top, are available online from volleyball warehouses. Check wholesale catalogs for hair accessories to purchase bundle packs for more inexpensive purchasing.


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