Gift Ideas for Someone Who Has No Hobbies

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Some gifts have universal appeal.

You do not have to have a hobby to appreciate a gift, be it from family, friends or co-workers. In fact, when shopping for the person who seems to have no hobby, you are forced to think about the universal appeal of a gift in general. What does everyone want and need? And what kinds of gifts make everyone happy whether or not they have a hobby or pastime? Here are some no-nonsense gift ideas for the impossible gift-recipient.



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Green is the gift that keeps on giving.

Although some people believe that cash can be an impersonal or unoriginal gift, cash can be an extremely thoughtful as well as useful gift. You do not have to have to collect coins to appreciate a gift that you can use for anything you like or need, be it food, rent or something impractical and fun. If you want to personalize it, pick an original card that speaks to the personality of the gift recipient.

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Sweeten the tooth of your gift recipient.

Everyone has to eat, so the gift of food is always appreciated. Your gift recipient may not bake for fun or be a cooking enthusiast, but he will happily eat homemade cookies or cupcakes you made, or goodies from a gourmet gift basket that you ordered for him. Maybe your family recipe for a delicious casserole will inspire him to take up cooking as a hobby.


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Everyone loves a clean home.

Cleaning is not a hobby for most people. In fact, it can be difficult to find the time to clean and organize your home in a manner that you would like. This is why hiring a maid service for your gift recipient will be a welcome surprise for her. She may not have boxes for crafting or balls of yarn to organize like a hobbyist might, but she will be happy to have her kitchen sparkling clean.



Parties are memorable for anyone.

A party is a gift in and of itself, even though often times people use it as an occasion for gift giving. You do not have to be a stamp collector to have a great time with a good group of friends. Fill your mp3 player with his favorite music, order a keg of his favorite beer and open your home for a night of fun and festivities.