Unique Handwriting Gifts to Honor a Loved One

Get sentimental with our roundup of keepsakes and gifts engraved or embroidered with loved ones' actual handwriting.

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Do you hang on to birthday cards and handwritten notes for the sake of sentimentality? You're certainly not alone. Custom handwriting gifts are popular with good reason, offering sentimental types the chance to immortalize their loved ones' handwriting in the form of embroidery, jewelry, engravings and other keepsakes.


What's so wonderful about handwriting-based gifts? Handwriting, like a fingerprint, is utterly unique. In fact, many of us can hear the voices of our family members and friends as we read their written words. When their actual handwriting is transferred to a treasured gift, we preserve a bit of their personality for years to come.


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To take the guesswork out of tracking down the perfect handwriting gift, we've scoured Etsy and rounded up some of our favorite options. From memorial gifts to items tailored toward parents who'd like to remember their kids' earliest scrawls, there's a little something for everyone. Read on and don't forget the Kleenex—some of these personalized gift ideas are downright heartwarming.


1. Engraved recipe cutting board

Want to preserve Grandma's famous pie recipe or whip up your father's secret pasta sauce without digging through a box of recipe cards? An engraved gift like this cutting board from Etsy seller CircleCityDesignCo offers the perfect solution. The designer can enlarge, transfer and engrave your loved one's handwritten recipe directly onto a board, adding an instant dash of nostalgia to any kitchen.


2. Handwriting embroidery patch

There's versatility galore in personalized handwriting embroidery patches from ThreadTheWick on Etsy, whose creations make dreamy sewn-in (or stuck-on) additions to wedding dresses, keepsake blankets, tuxedos and more. Whether you're paying homage to a loved one who can't be present on a special day or incorporating a romantic, handwritten message from your soon-to-be spouse, there's something so sweet about these patches, which can be personalized with various sizes and thread colors.



3. Personalized clay ring dish

Available in cream, white, mint or light purple and finished with gold accents, these personalized clay dishes make marvelous memorial keepsakes or wedding gifts. Simply send an image of the handwritten note you'd like included to creator HappyElephantArt and wait for your treasure to arrive. We can't imagine a more meaningful way to store jewelry and trinkets.


4. Metal memorial bracelet

Keep a loved one's handwriting close in a subtle way with a handwriting bracelet from janetpowers1 on Etsy, whose creations can be made in brass, copper, sterling silver or gold. The cuff of the bracelet gets engraved with a provided handwritten message of your choice, and when you slip the memorial jewelry on your wrist, it'll feel like the person you love is by your side.


5. Floral handwriting hoops

This just might be the most meaningful embroidery hoop we've ever seen! Etsy artisan pillowhead offers handwriting embroidery in two hoop sizes with a variety of colorful designs: blue roses, pink roses, a wreath or a simple circle. Many customers opt to transfer little ones' handwriting and present completed gifts to parents or grandparents. What's more? The back of each hoop can be personalized to note the year along with each child's name and age.



6. Custom wooden spoon

We're back in the kitchen with this sentimental gift, which promises to bring a bit of extra love to every baking or cooking endeavor. Etsy creator SweetlyWrittenDesign offers beechwood spoons engraved with the handwritten phrase or message of your choice. While these utensils are soft on pots and pans, they shouldn't be put in the dishwasher, so take care while cleaning your keepsake spoon by hand!

7. Sentimental stickers

Looking for a cost-effective way to buy meaningful handwriting gifts for a large group of people? Stickers are the perfect solution, and Etsy maker LaurensPrintShoppe has you covered. With size options that can accommodate up to 25 words and with tons of color personalization choices, these stickers are ideal for passing out at a family reunion or get-together. Pop one on the front of a journal, water bottle or even a laptop for a pretty, personal touch.

8. Wool scarf with personalized patch

Here's a keepsake gift that doubles as a useful garment: a lambswool scarf with a personalized engraved leather patch! Etsy seller stabo offers multiple twill and herringbone designs along with two leather grains, so there's lots of room to make this scarf special, though the handwritten message on the patch will steal the show.


9. Dainty handwriting necklace

Keep a cherished friend or family member close to your heart with a necklace from Etsy creator CaitlynMinimalist, who offers pieces in 18K gold, rose gold and sterling silver. Alternatively, memorialize your kids' handwriting on a wearable chain to add a sweet, significant touch to any outfit. Another perk of donning handwriting jewelry? You can rest assured that your favorite pieces are truly original.

Whether you're immortalizing your own handwriting, creating a handwriting memorial for someone special, looking for a unique alternative to traditional monograms or selecting a piece of signature jewelry to be passed down through the generations, it's tough to beat the personalized charm of a handwritten gift. Now, start sorting through those boxes of old cards and notes—your only job is to pick the perfect inscription.

Want to give a personalized present but don't have a handwriting sample? Check out our recommendations for the best monogrammed gifts to find the perfect piece!


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