How to Oil a Genie Screw Drive

One of the advantages of a Genie screw drive opener is how quiet the opener operates. Unlike a chain driven opener where you here the chain rattle or slap against the rail, the Genie screw drive almost whispers as it opens and closes the door. One way to keep your Genie working properly is to lubricate it once a year. Genie manufactures their own line of lubricant to oil a Genie screw drive opener. The lubricant is available through garage door dealers and Genie authorized dealers.

Things You'll Need

  • Stepladder
  • Rag
  • Genie opener lubricant GLU3 or GLU4

Video of the Day

Place a stepladder under the motor head of your Genie screw drive garage door opener. Press the control button either on the wall or on the remote control to close the garage door. Unplug the power cord from the ceiling outlet once the door is shut.

Move the stepladder under the rail of the garage door opener. Wipe away any excess grease from the screw with a rag.

Open the tube of Genie opener lubricant and poke a hole in the foil at the end of the tip with a nail.

Squeeze the lubricant sparingly in a small line down the length of the screw. One tube is usually enough to lubricate the entire screw.

Plug the power cord back into the ceiling outlet. Operate the door with the genie opener three times to allow the lubricant to evenly distribute across the screw.


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