How to Kill Bees Naturally

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Get rid of bees safely and effectively without harsh chemicals.

A bee colony near your garden can be a good thing, especially if you want to keep your flowers nicely pollinated. If bees have become a problem, are acting aggressively, or you are worried about young children in the area, however, it may become necessary to get rid of the bee colony. Using natural methods to get rid of the bees is a great way to solve the pest issue without relying on toxic chemicals that may harm plants near the colony.


Step 1

Mix 2 tbsp. liquid dish soap with 1 qt. water. Do not shake the mixture because it may become too frothy to use.

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Step 2

Find the opening of the bee colony and quickly pour the mixture directly over it. The soap will destroy the bee's cell membranes, and they should die instantly.


Step 3

Step away from the bee colony as quickly as possible, and then make another quart of soapy water. Wait 24 hours and then douse the former bee colony again with soapy water to kill any survivors. Repeat daily for three to four days and then destroy the nest completely with a blunt object.


In addition to treating the colony itself, it is also important to treat the area around the original so a new one doesn't form. Simply pouring the same mixture over the area around where the bee colony was should kill any chance of a new colony forming.


Make sure you dress for safety when exterminating the bees. Long sleeves, pants, a head covering and safety glasses are all a must so you can protect yourself from getting stung.



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