How to Diagnose a Pressure Washer Problem

A pressure washer has many uses.
A pressure washer has many uses. (Image: Images)

If you own a pressure washer you know how invaluable they are this time of year. We can use them for many different types of jobs such as cleaning the house and deck, washing cars and boats and clearing gutters to name a few. If you use your pressure washer long enough you may eventually encounter a malfunction or two, but you'll be glad to know that most problems can be diagnosed and fixed right there in the yard.

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If you're experiencing problems such as low or erratic water pressure or loss of pressure completely check to see if the water inlet and inlet strainer are not blocked. Also check to make sure you are using a high pressure nozzle and not a low pressure nozzle at the end of the wand. Make sure the nozzle isn't obstructed. Check to make sure your gun has no leaks, if so replace gun. If no clogs or obstructions are found in system you may very well have a faulty pump.

If your detergent is failing to mix with spray make sure your siphoning tube is completely submerged in water. Check to make sure chemical filter is not clogged and cracked, if so replace. Check your in-line filter, a dirty in-line filter can prevent proper detergent mixture.

If engine bogs down when load is added check your engine speed. Make sure the throttle is set on fast. If its still bogging down consult small engine shop.


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