How to Move a Gun Safe

Use a large dolly with a deep base to move a gun safe.
Use a large dolly with a deep base to move a gun safe. (Image: chengyuzheng/iStock/Getty Images)

A gun safe's weight is the greatest obstacle to its portability, which is the way it is supposed to be. Because a gun safe is so heavy, moving it requires the help of a few people, and the stronger they are, the easier moving the safe will be.

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Empty the safe of its contents.

Lift one side of the safe and slip the appliance dolly under the edge of the safe with assistance from helpers. Wrap the load strap around the safe and cinch it down so the safe is securely fastened to the appliance dolly.

Tip the safe back onto the dolly. At least three people are needed to hold the top of the safe up while it is in transit. Wheel the safe in the direction of the new location if it is on the same floor. Slowly tip the safe back up when it is in place so it sits flat on the floor. Position at least two people in front of the safe to help ease it back down while at least one person places his foot behind the dolly's wheels to keep it from rolling backward.

Remove the strap from around the safe when the dolly is upright and pull the dolly out from under the safe. Put the dolly aside. Replace the contents of the safe.

Tips & Warnings

  • Moving the safe from one level to another, either up or down stairs, involves a considerable amount of effort. At least three people should be pulling the safe up stairs while at least three more people should be pushing under the safe.
  • If the safe is going down stairs, three people should be on top of the safe easing it down the steps while at least three more should be under the safe doing the same thing. This can be dangerous so use extreme caution and come up with a plan before beginning.
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