Cures for Vaginal Odors

Cures for Vaginal Odors
Cures for Vaginal Odors (Image:

Vaginal odors are an embarrassing part of life that nearly every woman has to deal with at some point or another. While most cases of vaginal odor are only embarrassing in an intimate setting, others are more obvious. In either case, finding a cure is an urgent task. Luckily, most cures for vaginal odors are fairly simple and inexpensive.

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Often when a woman notices that she has a vaginal odor one of the first things she will do is cleanse thoroughly. While this may alleviate the smell for a short period of time improper cleansing will have her back at square one before the day is over. Instead of using the traditional scented soap try switching to an antibacterial soap. According to the Mayo Clinic, when women sweat, the smell that results is caused by the bacteria on the skin reacting to the sweat and not the sweat itself. Therefore, managing the bacteria levels of the groin region will cure many vaginal odors.

Hair Removal

Pubic hair traps bacteria, sweat, discharges and grime leading to an unpleasant smell by the end of the day. Women should consider trimming pubic hairs short or even removing some of the hair to eliminate the smell. This will make proper cleansing easier and prevents the likelihood of trapping unpleasant odors in the future.


If vaginal odor is prominent during your period consider switching from pads to tampons. This will trap all the smells related to menstruation. If you already use tampons, consider changing tampons every two hours or more frequently if needed to eliminate the smell.

Sexual Hygiene

Most cases of vaginal odor are caused by an overgrowth of organisms. These organisms explode after sex due to the various secretions left to linger. For this reason, bathing after sex is an important step in curing vaginal odor. Urinating directly after sex may also help to cleanse the area by pushing out any secretions. However, the Centers for Disease Control warn that several sexually transmitted diseases, like Chlamydia, can produce vaginal odor. After treating such STDs with a round of antibiotics extra care should be taken to avoid future infections.

Treating Infection

Any infection of the urinary tract, cervix, uterus or vagina can cause a powerful odor. If you are experiencing pain when urinating, severe lower abdominal pain unrelated to your period or bouts of fever you should see a doctor immediately. Infections of this nature can be easily treated with antibiotics. Once the infection is cured, the vaginal odor will be cured.

Yearly Exam

If you are still struggling with vaginal odor, it is crucial to schedule your yearly exam. In some rare cases, cervical or uterine cancer can be the cause of vaginal odor. A pap smear will help to determine whether this may be the cause. It is at this appointment that you can also request STD testing and bacterial cultures to determine the best course of action to cure your vaginal odors.

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