Cold Weather Knee Problems

Many people claim to have knee problems when cold weather arrives. Many individuals feel their joint pain intensify as the weather turns cooler. Doctors have yet to accept this as fact, but too many patients know the changes in their bodies are related to the change in weather to care much about what doctors think.

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Stiff Knees

When the weather turns cold, many individuals begin to feel their knees get stiff. This is especially the case when getting out of bed in the morning and after sitting long periods of time. People who don't have knee problems the rest of the year might find they do when the weather is cold.


Knee inflammation is common during the colder months of the year. There is no scientific evidence as to why this is the case, but some researchers believe changes in barometric pressure or the way the body's receptors react to temperature might be the cause of knee problems such as inflammation during cold weather.

Aching Knees

Cold weather results in aching knees for many individuals, especially those who are middle aged and older, who have had past knee injuries or who have arthritis.

Swollen Knees

Some individuals sensitive to the cold might find their knees swell during the winter months. The swelling might affect one or both knees, and many times, knees that have been injured in the past are more likely to swell during the colder months.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Intensifies

Sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis find their knees are significantly more painful during the colder months. Doctors don't know why the rain and cold make rheumatoid arthritis symptoms more intense, but they think it must have something to do with the lowering of the barometric pressure when storms or other weather disturbances occur.


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