Do it Yourself Sunrooms


Sunrooms allow you to enjoy the outdoors without being directly exposed to the sun, rain and insects. You can build the room to overlook your home garden or backyard, where you can entertain guests or just relax on a sunny afternoon. Keep a few things in mind when designing and building your own sunroom.

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When creating the sunroom yourself, form a clear picture of the finished result. Plan the location of your sunroom according to the movement of the sun around your home. Know that a sunroom usually falls into three categories: contemporary, traditional or Edwardian---depending on the amount of space and windows it requires. It is wise to consult a sunroom professional to find the right style of sunroom for your home. Decide whether you want to use your sunroom for only three seasons or all year round. If it is a three-season sunroom, construct it with aluminum, which is a cost-effective material. If the sunroom is all year round, construct it with vinyl, which offers the best insulation. For the sake of UV protection in your sunroom, buy Low-E glazed windows. Also buy sliding glass doors that have steel rollers on stainless steel tracks.


Before purchasing any materials to begin building your sunroom, research your local city's zoning laws and building codes. If sunroom building is permitted in your city, you may have to obtain the proper licenses or permits. Next, decide whether you want to build your sunroom from scratch or with a do-it-yourself kit. Building a sunroom from scratch requires a lot of experience in construction. If you lack the necessary experience, opt for a do-it yourself kit that already has the needed materials and helpful designs included in its package. To build with a kit, simply follow the step-by-step directions instructed by the kit's manufacturer.


Once your sunroom is complete, it's time to add furnishings that will complement its space. All the items in your sunroom need to be sun proof and heat proof; if not, they are prone to heat damage. Purchase items that are created out of airy wicker, rattan or even iron. Choose lightweight furniture that you can move around when you have guests. Check the labels on accessories such as rugs or cushions to ensure they are UV resistant. Opt to install attractive blinds that will subtly provide privacy as they block the sunlight. If you desire to alter your light preference in the sunroom, purchase filtered blinds. Do not forget to add a ceiling fan to the sunroom, for it adds another way of getting cool other than the usual air conditioner. Purchase real flowers, and place them inside the sunroom where they can thrive on the radiance of the sun and flourish as if they were outside. If you have enough space and money, consider installing a hot tub to add some excitement to your sunroom.


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