Bathroom Ideas for Mobile Homes

Storage presents an issue in many mobile home bathrooms.
Storage presents an issue in many mobile home bathrooms. (Image: bathroom containers image by Tammy Mobley from

Bathrooms are primarily functional rooms, but that does not mean they should lack style or visual appeal. The extremely small bathrooms found in mobile homes present additional challenges. It is difficult to decorate and still fit necessary personal hygiene items into such a small space. Combine storage, space-saving decor and well-chosen renovations to create a stylish and utilitarian bathroom.

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Change your mobile home bathroom quickly by giving it a new coat of easily cleaned gloss or semigloss paint. Bright colors open the room up and make it appear larger while newer metallic or pearlescent paints modernize the room. Use vertical lines, painted or on wallpaper, for a sense of height. Remove or paint wood paneling, common in older mobile homes, to lighten, enlarge and update the space. Alternatively, keep walls simple and focus instead on the ceiling with stencils, sponge painting or coverings such as bamboo or tin for a truly one-of-kind design.


Use wall hangings that provide depth, such as a shadow box, a framed mirror, or a small shelf in a bright color that is not flat against the wall. Include unusual patterns, designs or materials in your decor, but stick to one or two pieces in a similar theme to avoid a cluttered feel in an already small space.


Many mobile home bathrooms offer little or no natural light, making the space seem dark as well as small. Use task lighting above the vanity and add recessed lights above the tub or shower. Use spot lighting to highlight and draw attention to particular features in the bathroom. A small pendant or chandelier adds more general lighting while providing another decorative feature that does not take up counter space. Mirrors work in combination with lights to brighten a small space; in addition to the typical mirror above the sink, add one to the back of the door and consider using multiple mirrors as a design feature along the walls.


Rooms with different textures appeal to the senses and can be created easily and inexpensively. Include a couple simple items such as a shaggy, luxurious rug or dried flowers tied with a ribbon and hanging from the wall. Try long, elegant drapes backed with a waterproof curtain around the tub. Remember that you are dealing with a small room, so resist the urge to include too many items. This will only make the space appear small, cluttered and busy.


Install shelves above the toilet, use towel rings instead of bars and choose cabinets with sliding doors instead of hinged ones. Most small mobile home bathrooms have at least one cabinet under the sink, so use this space well. Add racks and hooks to the inside of doors, install shelving and use pull-out bins. For pedestal sinks, use a small fabric curtain to hide under sink shelving and storage. Combine decoration and utility when possible, such as storing toilet paper in a small basket or displaying jewelry on the wall.


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