Shower Wall Alternatives

Shower wall coverings come in a range of options.
Shower wall coverings come in a range of options. (Image: shower image by Dragan Trifunovic from

The bathroom is an important room in the house. It must be comfortable and stylish, yet functional. Shower walls are often covered in white ceramic tiles. Although these are practical and inexpensive, they are plain and boring. When decorating your bathroom, you may prefer to choose an alternative shower wall covering that is practical and stylish.

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Hand-Painted Ceramic Tiles

Hand-painted ceramic tiles have all the practicality and functionality of plain ceramic tiles, but they are more decorative. They come in all colors and designs. If you have a themed bathroom, most likely you can find a hand-painted tile to match it. If these unique tiles are too costly, you can mix them with less expensive tiles. Try tiling most of your shower wall in a plain ceramic tile and then add small splashes of color by adding a few hand-painted tiles. These can be added in a sporadic and random design or in a pattern.

Slate Tiles

Another alternative is slate tiles. Slate is a hard sedimentary rock that has been formed by volcanic ash or clay. Its naturally dark color gives a shower a rustic, yet modern, look. Slate can be cut to a homeowner’s specifications so it allows for flexibility and creativity. For a more rustic look, choose uneven slate with irregular sides. For a modern and clean look, choose flat square slate with clean edges. Slate is durable and easy to clean.

Glass Blocks

Glass blocks can help you create a beautiful and unique bathroom design. The blocks come in many sizes, allowing versatility in your design. Once you have chosen the kind of blocks to use, they are easy to install. Glass showers are fairly hassle free as they are durable and easy to clean. They are a classy alternative to plain ceramic tiles.


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