Decorating With Corrugated Metal Walls

Corrugated metal is more than just a siding option.
Corrugated metal is more than just a siding option. (Image: Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

Improve the aesthetics of your home with materials you find on the exterior of houses or in a mechanic's garage. Paint corrugated metal in bright colors to accent your furnishings or use in the traditional nickel color to achieve the same wow factor. It is versatile enough to use in almost any room and is an inexpensive decorating solution.

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Shelving Accents

Hang the corrugated metal behind bookshelves and open-face kitchen cabinets. It provides a retro addition to the bookshelves and display cases in your home without overpowering the space. Add eye-hooks to the metal in your kitchen cabinets and hang coffee cups from them. Hang it above shelving in bedrooms and basements as well. Paint the metal in dark colors to blend in with the shelves in your office or choose bright primary hues for playroom toy shelves.

Frame It

Frame large and small pieces of the metal and hang them in a collage pattern on a large accent wall. Place the pieces in the frames both horizontally and vertically to add variety. Paint them to match your color scheme or leave them "as is" in different colored art frames. Black frames over the original metal finish is another option when matching contemporary decor.

New Doors

Give an entirely new look to large house doors and cabinet doors with corrugated metal. Cut the metal to fit into the indented spaces in doors and cabinets. Add a coat of polyurethane to gloss over the metal and paint the rest of the doors in bright, retro colors or dark stains. Consider painting the metal in bold colors and staining the doors in dark hues so that the painted sections contrast in a manner that "pops."

Room Dividers

Corrugated metal, cut into rectangles and squares of different sizes, provides a solution to traditional room dividers. Paint the metal in different colors and hang from the ceiling at various heights to define the separate spaces. Slightly round the corners and apply a trim of clear hot glue to the edges to prevent nicks and cuts.


Cut corrugated metal wall material to fit behind your kitchen sink and above the counters. Paint it to match your kitchen decor or leave it in its natural metal finish with a rustproof glaze. Attach it horizontally or vertically to suit your taste. Screw hooks into the top of the metal and hang cooking utensils, cups and memo pads from it.

Breakfast Bars

Add new life to your breakfast bar with corrugated metal. Place the sheets of metal across the bottom of the bar. It is durable enough to handle the occasional slip of the foot as friends and family adjust in their bar stools and inadvertently kick the base of the bar.


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