Creative Ways to Cover Air Conditioners in the Wall

Use fabric to hide an air conditioning unit.
Use fabric to hide an air conditioning unit. (Image: Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

The mechanical hulk of an air conditioning unit placed right in the middle of a wall detracts from any room's interior decor. Covering or concealing the air conditioner helps to make it less obvious, or at least not the room's focal point. With the right decorative disguise, air conditioners disappear when not in use.

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Decorative Screens

A strategically placed decorative folding screen keeps an air conditioning wall unit out of sight. Choose a screen design that fits in with the room's decor and extend it in front of the air conditioner. Slide it out of the way or collapse it when you need to cool off the room.


Decorate an air conditioner as if it were a piece of the room to blend it into the room's decor. Paint the air conditioner the same color as the rest of the room to help it disappear into the wall, if possible. Painting may not completely disguise the air conditioning unit, but it can make it less noticeable. When the air conditioner is a different color than the wall, it creates a visual disruption against the wall's color field, causing it to stand out.


Hang curtains -- or fabric draped like curtains -- in front of the air conditioner that you can move aside whenever the unit is in use. Choose an interesting design for the fabric to make it look like a deliberate choice and not a cover-up; don't be afraid to draw attention to this element. Fabric adds a splash of color to the room as well as an interesting texture. Install a wrought-iron or other decorative rod above the air conditioning unit for a design guests will never dream hides an unsightly appliance.


Build a custom cabinet around the air conditioning unit with doors that can close and completely hide the appliance. Place decorative items on top of the cabinet, such as a vase of flowers or picture frames. Open the doors when it's time to put the air conditioner to use.


Place a table with a height that reaches just below the bottom of the wall unit directly beneath the air conditioner. Decorate the top of the table with items such as picture frames, vases and sculptures. The collection of art disguises the appliance and draws attention away from it while it is not in use. Move your decorative pieces to one side when using the air conditioner to allow the air to flow freely out of it and into the room.


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