What Is the Most Durable Type of Floor Tile?

Ceramic tile floors can last decades.
Ceramic tile floors can last decades. (Image: Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images)

Floors need to be durable so that they can withstand constant traffic, accidents and other day-to-day hazards. You have plenty of options when picking out a tile floor. While laminate, vinyl and porcelain tiles all have their own advantages, ceramic tiles stand out as the most durable and long lasting. In addition to their longevity and strength, ceramic tiles have aesthetic and cost-related advantages compared to other tiles as well.

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Ceramic tile floors are difficult to damage since they resist moisture and heat so well. If you drop something on a ceramic tile floor, the dropped item is much more likely to be damaged than the floor. The only potential issue is that ceramic floors can chip, particularly along the grout lines. Despite this, the structure of the floor is not likely to incur damage. Ceramic tiles won't scratch or scuff if you walk across them constantly. They also won't stain if you seal them with glaze.

Cost and Value

Ceramic tiles vary in price, depending on the color and design you go with, so they can be among the more affordable options or towards the upper range of cost. Even if they are more expensive, ceramic tile floors are capable of lasting for decades and require little in terms of maintenance costs. They also add value to a home since they last so long.

Aesthetics and Versatility

Ceramic tiles can be created to replicate the look of just about any other flooring material. Since ceramic tile is so customizable, you can put it in just about any room and it will blend in with your decor. Glazed tiles will hold their appearance much better than unglazed tiles. Ceramic tile is a very hard material, so it can cause foot and joint pain over time from walking on it. Injuries are also more likely in a fall than they would be with softer tiles such as vinyl.


Ceramic tile floors can be cleaned with water and a mop since they can't be damaged by moisture. Cleaning them can be difficult because grout lines separate each tile. Since grout lines go deeper than the main surface of the floor, you have to work hard to ensure you are getting all of the dirt and debris that has gathered in them. If you don't keep grout lines clean, they can start to take on different colors.


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